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The Horrors of the Haunted House

“The Horrors of the Haunted House” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Vikrant Ramesh Chand Sharma, India.

The Horrors of the Haunted House

CHAPTER 1 : The story of the house

There was an old house in Malibu. People were scared of it. Legend says that the son of the devil had been born here. A lady had stolen thirty-three children from the town and she had chopped their heads off and given them to Satan so that she could give birth to his son. And she did give birth to the son of the devil. The moment she did, she died saying “Whoever may come to this place shall be killed by the son of the devil.”

Many said that it was a big baloney but believers were terrified of it. And they say that they had terrible nightmares about seeing the son of the devil. The surroundings of the place were really bad. Neighbours said that they would hear a woman screaming every night.

CHAPTER 2 : The incidents

After the rumours many had gone there. A man had told everyone that he was going to the place and would come back. The whole town came with him; even the policemen. Once he had gone inside nothing happened for a few seconds but then suddenly a little creek came. He looked back and became terrified. He saw the son of the devil himself. A boy saw it too and said “Mommy look!” Everybody looked where the boy had pointed and were terrified. They saw a man standing with a real old suit. He had his teeth jutting out and had an injury mark across his head. It touched the eyes too and that part of the eye was gone. He had ears of a jackal and blood was all over him. He then said after being spotted by everyone present, “Ha! You thought that I ain’t real. Well now you see me and you shall die for it.”

The door suddenly banged itself shut and screams were heard from within. Meanwhile the devil had taken his both eyes out and thrown them out. The eyes were still moving that meant that he was still alive. Then the devil threw the whole body out he had his hands in his mouth and his face was twisted.

After three or four months later, a priest entered the house saying “God is powerful than an idiot demon.” Of course he had called the whole town to standby if things would go south. He entered the house and started saying prayers. Of course the things did go south; his eyes were removed from their sockets. He still survived it; he was saved by the prayers.

CHAPTER 3 : The arrival

A small family consisting of a couple and their son and daughter had moved in there without knowing anything because they were from out of town. The name of the husband was Jake the name of the wife was Adrian.

They all were a good family but they didn’t know what was going to happen. The neighbours came and greeted them and warned them about everything but Jake did not believe it as he was a not a believer of God so he was not a big fan of demons too. He thought that all this was junk, “I don’t believe in things that I haven’t seen.” Then suddenly a priest and a man came and said together, “Even when you see it you won’t be able to believe it.” The man and the priest had then left. But the twist here was that the man and the priest had already been there; that means that the man was a ghost but the priest wasn’t because he wasn’t dead till now.

The next day news flashed on the TV screen that the priest was dead and it was in the front page of every newspaper and it was big news. The headline on the newspapers said that, “Priest that had gone to the haunted house died anonymously.”

CHAPTER 4 : The beginning of the terror

Well the night had come and everybody had gone to sleep. Andy and Melissa (brother and sister) slept in the same room. Melissa was in deep sleep and suddenly someone slapped her in the face. She thought that Andy was doing it so she asked Andy not to do it. Andy then said “What?” That was enough for them to start fighting. Their fighting woke Jake and Adrian up. They both rushed to their room and saw that Andy and Melissa weren’t fighting two adults were fighting there. Then one of them killed the other one and then turned angrily towards Jake and Melissa. There was blood all over him. He pointed at the door and said, “Get out before it gets too late.”

Bam! A bullet gets shot at one of them. They then woke up horrified and saw each other and were relieved to see that they were alive. They both had the same dream but the other person would die in their dream. But they were more petrified than ever when they saw the following two things written on the wall. The first was “GET OUT!!!” and the second “THE DEATH I SEEK HAVE FINALLY BEGUN.NOW. YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE” They came out of the room petrified but didn’t tell anything to Andy and Melissa as it would scare the hell out of them. They started to feel many paranormal activities like Jake had gone down to use the bathroom and he felt that someone was staring at him. It was the priest that had died saying “Get out of here I am sent by God here so that you can get the chance that I couldn’t.” Jake got terrified and went straight towards his bed. But he was stopped by someone on the way. It was a lady screaming her head off. Jake then flew; he passed through the wall and was in a room that he didn’t know. In the room there was a man sitting on a wheelchair. He was the son of the devil. He made his appearance right there. Jake slowly got back to the wall thinking that he would pass through it again. The devil suddenly moved and said, “Don’t think of it. I am leaving you now but I won’t the next time.” Then he screamed at Jake and a stake went right through him. Jake woke up and saw that it was morning. He didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Jake looked at the wall and saw something written in blood; “Now the time has come that I get real to you because you are going to be dead very soon.”

CHAPTER 5 : The information

Melissa and Andy had gone to school and everyone knew about what had been happening with them. So everybody avoided them. But Melissa had a friend who was talking to her. Her friend said, “Listen I am an angel and am sent by God to protect you. You have to go to your house and tell your dad to find a body; the body of the human mother of the son of the devil and have to burn it down.”

When Melissa asked why the angel said “Every spirit or demon, even the son of the devil has a source from which it gets its energy and they are not scared of anyone. Also, the more people get scared the more energy they get. When people don’t get to scared they get weaker and weaker. They then use that linked source to get powerful and to get their energy back which they have lost.

CHAPTER 6 : The time to tell

Now Melissa had known everything from God’s angel she told that to her family. Everybody was worried but at the same time they were relieved about it. They were worried about what would happen next and relived that they knew how they could get out of it.

CHAPTER 7 : The game plan

Now they knew what to do. Jake told everyone that they would do it on Christmas day as they would need a lot of help from God. Everyone was told what to do. Jake and Andy would distract the son of the devil and his other pawns. Melissa and Adrian would find the body. As no one knew where the body was so they decided that they could ask the priest. Melissa and Andy owned an Ouija board so they brought it to the entrance as they were told that the priest was attacked near the entrance and Jake had met the ghost of the priest near the entrance too. They set up the Ouija board. Melissa asked if the spirit of the priest was there. The Ouija board answered yes there is and also that it wanted to contact them. Then the sound of the priest came He said, “The body that you are looking for is near the hallway where Jake had seen the devil the first time. You have to take a dagger and pierce it into the body. I don’t have too much time so remember what I have said and I wish you luck.”

CHAPTER 8 : The time to do it

Now they knew everything they had to do. The priest had given the family a bottle of pure Christ blood and had them baptized. He also gave them a cross and said, “Whenever the devil comes hold it and start praying and take the Bible too”. So right now they were at the entrance of the house and had to go to the stairs that was 30 feet far from them and climb that stair and open a drawer that would be at the bottom of the topmost step.


Now they had started their horrific adventure. They were holding each other’s hands and praying. Melissa and her mom were headed to the stairs but suddenly a ghost appeared. He had big teeth and was rushing towards them. Melissa was holding the cross symbol as tight as she could and continued ahead but Andy stopped her and told that she and mom should head to the stairs. The demon heard that and tried to stop them but Andy did not let that happen.

They reached the top floor and found the body they were ready to pierce the dagger through it but the devil came and stopped them. The dagger went flying out and Mellissa was alone with the devil as everyone was dead except Andy but then she heard the voice of Andy. He said “Go sis, I will handle him and take the dagger.” Melissa charged at the body and pierced it. The devil screamed as he started fading away. And at the last they were relived but sad to as they had lost their parents.

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