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The City Life

“The City Life” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by M.Chethan Naik, Montessori High School, Kurnool, India.

The City Life

Once upon a time, in a beautiful city, two rich families were accommodated with middle class families. There was a miser man named John in one of the rich families. He was earning his livelihood by business. Although he was rich he was greedy. He was ruling his family. He was married to Alan. They were gifted by Ambrose and Jerico, both were very foolish. On the other hand a honest person named Henry looked after his family. He was also a big business man. He was married to a woman named Hilary. They were gifted by Rohan and Gohan. They were very naughty.

Henry and John participated in an auction as john was miser he hadn’t auctioned money for winning the project. But he wanted the project not to be won by Henry as he will utilize it for their city and all the people would be benefited. Henry wanted to win the project that was useful for their city at last Henry won the project. John was jealous and angry on Henry. He wanted his city not to be benefited.

One fine day, the officers called Henry to receive the files of the project. They handed over the files to Henry and told him not to lose the files as they were very important. This information was known to John. He sent Ambrose and Jerico with duplicate files to exchange them with Henry. So as Henry loses the project and their city will not be benefited. Henry was moving to another country for funds. He was caring the files with him. Henry went to the washroom forgetting his files on the table. Ambrose thought this was the time to steal the files. He changed the files in a spur of moment. Jerico was speaking to someone else in the mobile phone. He didn’t notice that his brother changed the files. Ambrose gave the original files to Jerico to hold them so he can bring a packet of snacks for them. Ambrose left for the shop. Jerico, thinking that he was doing a great job he changed the files again. Ambrose came with two sprite bottles. They both were standing at a distance. They were foolishly laughing thinking that they have done their job perfectly. They went to their father happily and gave files to their father. Without seeing them the father hugged his sons. He was happy, he opened the files to tear them off. But for his surprise he saw the duplicate files that he sent. He was burst like a volcano. He beat his sons for their foolishness. His anger knew no bounds. Henry successfully completed his meeting in which the officials accepted to donate money for their city. He went to home and shared his happiness with his wife. He explained about this project to the members of city. Some fake officers called up John and asked him to bring the files that are with Henry. So they give him two crore rupees. John thought of stealing the files from Henry’s house. He appointed a robber named Sharath who has the capacity to steal the files. He has robbed many houses and there are two-twenty cases on him. He was the most wanted criminal.

Charan and Siddu informed that they were coming to Rohan and Gohan’s house to play in late evening. Henry and Hilary went to shopping mall to bring the necessary grocery, leaving Rohan and Gohan at home. The naughty boys prepared two hooks that can trap Charan and Siddu. It was dark and cloud covered the sky. It was about to rain. Charan and Siddu withdrew their decision as it was about to rain.

Sharath thinking that it was great time to steal the files as he saw Henry and Hilary in shopping mall, so jumped the compound wall. Rohan and Gohan were waiting in the garden for Charan and Siddu. Sharath went inside the house from the kitchen door. He searched for the file in bed room but he hadn’t found them. He went to the hall and searched, also he hadn’t found. At last he found them on the dining table. He took them and kept them in the bag. While he was leaving the house he saw a beautiful wall clock on the attic. He thought of stealing that and kept them in his home. He went near it, he saw a spider near the watch. He was scared so much that he screamed and ran out of the house leaving the bag inside. Unfortunately he was trapped by the hook that was made by Rohan and Gohan. Sharath fell down to the ground and fell unconscious. The neibhouring people came up to the house. They called up the police. The police came and arrested Sharath. They interrogated Sharath to tell the names of the people behind him. Sharath told that John has appointed him and to robber the files. The police moved to John’s house and arrested him. They interrogated him that why he wanted to steal the files. John said about the officers. Henry and neibhours appreciated his sons. The police arrested the fake officers, Hari and Bharghav. The police submitted the culprits to the court. The judge pronounced three years jail punishment for Hari and Bharghav, lifetime jail punishment for Sharath, two years jail punishment. The members of the city lived happily ever after.

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