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The Adventure of Prince and Princess

“The Adventure of Prince and Princess” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by P.Kathrin Hepsiba, Montessori Em.Med. High School, Kurnool, India.

The Adventure of Prince and Princess

For old years ago, there lived a woman who had no children. And she is fond of children. She was praying for god and asking for children. One day, a fairy came to her dream and asked her what you want? The woman said “I want a child”. The fairy agreed with her wish and said that you will be fulfilled by your desire. And the next morning she woke up from sleep. And through the window she saw a flower shining brightly like a sun in the sky. Soon she went to the garden and touched the flower. The flower blossomed and she saw a small child in the petals of the flowers. The child was shinning very brightly because it was the gift of the god she took her child and went inside the house and thanked god very much. As the days passed she was grown up like a girl child with a “Golden Hair”. She was very beautiful. She was the most beautiful girl in that place. They named her Mercy because she was a gift of god. And there was a prince who was the son of the great kind named Virender Singh. The prince once went to the Jungle and to hunt the birds and animals. The prince doesn’t like to hunt the mouth less creatures for the practice of to become the next kind after his father.

Once, a woman saw Mercy and thought that “She is very beautiful why I couldn’t be like her. The woman thought herself and made a poisonous liquid, which could kill the person and take the energy and the features of the person. She was a dangerous woman. She was also walking in the garden. And she was watching the flowers in the garden.

The woman talked herself that the girl is alone now. I will give this poisonous medicine in the apple. I will make her to eat the apple and take the powers of her. She thought herself and went near to the girl. She tried to put the girl in her net. “Is this your garden?” It is looking very beautiful. She said “thank you”. The woman gave her an apple and said eat it. It is grown in our garden. So Mercy took the apple. She was going to eat it. Suddenly, she called her grandma. Because the witch was very old and she thought that she love her. And she gave her the apple and told “grand ma it is grown first in your garden. So, take the first bite and then give me the rest of the apple. And made her to eat the first bite of her apple. And that poisonous medicine effected on her in another way. And she became a giant monster. And that was going to attack Mercy. And that time the prince came near to them and saw that giant monster attacking Mercy. And the prince made the monster to be disturbed and the monster was left Mercy and come to the prince.

The prince threw the sword on the giant monster’s eye and that monster shouted very loudly. The prince took Mercy and went on his horse. The giant monster, even though, his eye’s was damaged, didn’t left Mercy and the prince. It again followed them. And tried to kill them. First it thought to just give the poisonous medicine and to gain the features of Mercy. Now she is thinking to kill Mercy and the prince because prince threw the sword on giant monster’s eye. However they escaped and went to the prince grandmother’s house. They both met the grandmother and told the story to grandmother.

The grand ma shocked and showed the picture of that dangerous woman’s photo and said “Is she the dangerous woman who attacked you”. Then they shivered and told “Yes she is that lady”. “Do you know her grand ma,” asked the prince “yes she is the most dangerous and powerful woman and her name is Mermanda”. “She has no death in her life”. The prince asked “Is there no weapon to kill her”. Grand ma told “Yes there is a weapon to kill her but it is impossible to bring the weapon. Nobody even has dared to bring the weapon. Because it was in an island. It is very dangerous island. It is surrounded by dangerous 5 dragons. The dragons send the fire from their mouth. Though they know that it is dangerous, both thought of going to the island and bring the sword. With which they can kill the giant monster. So they told their grand ma for going to that island. The grand ma said “No child you can’t go to the island. It is very difficult to cross that dangerous, island and reach there. If anything happens for you, who is the next king after your father”. “NO grandma you are thinking wrong. Because I am a prince and going to be the next king. This is my responsible to protect our kingdom. So, I have to go to that island and bring the sword grand ma”. So Mercy said, “Though I am not anything for you, the kingdom and prince, I will do my best. To protect the kingdom and the village. Listening the words of both, grandma was very happy and said, ”Ok children you can go but give me a promise that both must protect each other. And they agreed for it. And grandma gave them a map to the way to the island. Both of them started their way of the island. And finally they reached the island. They killed the dragons and took the sword.

And they went to the place where the Mermanda became a giant monster. So they bought that sword and killed that giant monster. And they reached the kingdom and the king appreciated them. And thought of doing the marring for both the prince and the mercy. They agreed for that and both of them got married and the kingdom and village, was happy. Mercy became prince of the kingdom.

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