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My Video Game

“My Video Game” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Ajeet Chouhan, Podar International School, Indore, India.

My Video Game

Once upon a time I and my father were watching T.V at night. It was about a ghost movie, Kanchana 2. “We have not gone to picnic from so long it’s been 4 years,” I told my father. My father told, “Then tomorrow we will go for a picnic.” The next day my entire family went for a picnic and enjoyed a lot at Shell City Water Park. I told my father, “Will you give me a video game?” My father said, “Okay once we go back home, I will get you video game the next day.”

The next day I and my father went to video game shop to buy the video game. As we reached the shop the shop keeper showed me some video game. I liked one video game and I asked him the price of it. He said 8 thousand rupees. My father said, “No we cannot buy this expensive video game.” I requested my dad, ”Please buy this video game for me.” He agreed to purchase it because of my strong compulsion. Next day, I went to school and once I came back from school I started playing the video game I have got. After some time my friends called me to play outside I told them, “I cannot come outside I am playing with my new video game. You can also come and play.” They all came inside and we were so happy to see my video game and enjoyed playing with it.

Till late night we were playing video game. So, my dad came and told my friends to go back to their houses. So, they went. My mom and dad told me to have my limits and I should have a balance between playing and studying. But I ignored them and went to sleep. Next morning I went to school and once I was back from school I again started playing the video game. And later my friends also joined me. And this became my routine every day I used to come from school and started playing video game. My parents were also very upset because I was not paying attention on my studies and was playing with video game all day long. Then came my exams and I failed in many subjects because of which teachers also shouted on me. My parents also scolded me and told me that they will not let me play video game anymore. And my father, in anger, broke the video game and then I cried a lot that how sad my parents were because of me and how I have made everyone upset because of that stupid video game that I play. And then I said sorry to my father and told him that from now onwards I will not play any game and will pay full attention on my studies. And will listen to everything they say. And then we all smiled.

Moral : We should have a balance in our life we should understand where to draw the line and when to stop playing games and when to study. We should always pay attention on our studies.

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