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My Mother

“My Mother” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Tatagari Varshitha Reddy, Montessori English Medium High School, India.

My Mother

Rohan, why you are so sad today? Mom, I am a bad boy. My teacher said to me that I should learn good habits of a student.

Rohan, for this reason you are sad. I will make you learn good habits like a student.

1. Be on time for school every day.

2. Listen carefully.

3. Follow directions.

4. Pay attention in classes.

5. Participate in all activities.

6. Ask for help when you need it.

7. Follow the school rules.

8. Complete homework and assignments on time.

9. Always work hard and do your best.

Mom, I am not healthy. My weight is three times less than my age. I am the shortest boy in my class.

Practice good hygiene by keeping yourself clean, healthy and germs free. Eat nutritious food daily. Include food from these groups: grains, proteins, vegetables and fruits. Get about eight hours of sleep each night. Do some exercises every day.

Rohan, always be safe. Wear proper sport suit when you are playing sports. Obey traffic rules for your safety. Stay happy and make good choices every day for your safety.

Mom, how to be myself good?

Rohan, now you learn good habits to take care of you.

Wash your hands, brush your teeth, get rest, move your body, eat healthy food and drink water.

Mom, today I learnt good habits. Tomorrow I will be a good boy. I am going to play with my friends. Bye mom (in his friend’s house).

Rahul……Rahul. Just five minutes Rohan I am coming. Rahul, why you are late today for playing games?

What I should say Rohan? My mother is very bad. She is irritating me. She won’t do her work. She always enters in my work and disturbs me. She won’t obey my father’s words. She always says that, get up early, go to bath. Change your behavior.

Rohan, why I should change for her? Really she is a bad mother you know.

Stop Rahul…...(with very angry). Mother is the most important and precious person in the life of everyone about which we cannot describe completely in words. However, some of the valuable moments with our mother can be described. A mother is beautiful and caring person in our life. She always cares for us in every moment for our every need without any personal intension.

In the morning, she calls us very softly to rise from the bed. During night, she tells us lovely stories to make us sleep with beautiful dreams. She helps us to get ready for school with proper breakfast and hygienic lunch. She always waits at door for us while we return from school. She helps us to do our homeworks.

However, mother Teresa, was a great women who had taken many steps to change our world.

Likely, our mother also had taken many steps to change our life. Trees are valuable as gold, that’s why they are called as green gold on the earth. Mothers love was as precious as diamond. The love that we are getting from our mother is diamond love. Our mother is diamond lover for us. We are diamond children for our mother. We can do anything in our life but not everything.

So, Rahul always love your mother because you will never get another.

My mother is the bones of my spine, keeping me straight and true.

She is my blood, making sure and it runs rich and strong.

She is the beating of my heart. I cannot imagine my life without her.

A mother who starts working before sun, rise and continues after sunset till night for her children. East is east, west is west, but the mother is best.

Rahul, no one is there in the world to compare with mother. Mother is the first and best teacher in our life. She is an iron lady on this earth. She is god’s special gift for us. Mother is a rock and runs like a clock. A mother is a symbol of true love and relationship.

Rahul, do you know the meaning of mother?

M - Many hugs

O - Only love never angry

T - Teaching me

H - Helping me

E - Every smile when I was sad

R - Raising me to be strong

Rahul, nothing is considered to be better than a mother and her love and care.

Rahul, you should not repeat that words again from your mouth. Mind it! (Both are crying) (In Rohans house).

Mom, you are my lovely lover. I love my mother

As tree loves water and sunshine, mother likes her children. She helps me to grow, prosper, and reach to great heights. A mother who can take place of all other, but her place cannot be taken by anyone else. My mother is the best friend to me. I was loved at first sight when I opened my eyes with my mother. I love you mom. (In Rahuls house).

Mom, god made a wonderful mother, he made her smile like a sunshine, he moulded her heart of pure gold. In her eyes god had placed bright shining stars. He made her cheeks like fairy roses. God gave the lovey dear to me. My mom is great. She is sweet as she can be. When I need some help I know she is always there for me. Mom loves me all the time, even when I am a pest. She always takes good care of me. My mother is the best.

My mother is a woman like no other. She gave me life, taught me, fought for me, held me, shouted at me, kissed me, but most importantly she loved me. There are not enough words I can say to describe just how important my mother was to me. God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. The only love that I really believe on this earth is only the mother’s love for her children. A mother heart is a special place where the children have a great home. The purest and truest meaning of the word unconditional can only be found in MOTHERS LOVE.


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