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“Mother's Sacrifice Is The Child's Reward” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Yashfeen, Saudi Arabia.

Mother's Sacrifice Is The Child's Reward

In former times, a 16 years old, orphan girl dubbed as Amy was the single child of her parents who loved her dearly. Her home was situated in a small town of America. She was a vocal proponent of a simple and focused lifestyle, of dedicated hard work, compassion, health, inner peace and of an ever growing drive to learn, grow and excel. She had a longstanding mania for reading books, thirst for knowledge and to accomplish goals but her everlasting dream was to become a doctor.

She was ten years old when her father passed away due to a heart attack. Her mother had a job in a school as a teacher. She was not only her mother but a constant companion. She provided every facility for her daughter to gain as much knowledge as she could. Her mother even borrowed books from the library for Amy to read.

Amy, after her father’s death had blossomed into a more focused and hardworking girl. But something was still bugging her that her mother was a little sick. Whenever, she advised her mother to go to a doctor she sealed her mouth. Amy was worried that if something happened to her mother they did not have enough money. Her mother also wanted Amy to become a doctor that’s the reason she did not want to spend her little money on her treatment.

Nowadays Amy’s second year board exams were on the corner and she was working day and night preparing for them. She desired to get good marks in the board exams, so that she could use her scholarship to book a doctor’s appointment for her mother. Fortunately she got highest marks in her college in board exams. Amy’s heart was wagging with joy like a lamb’s tail. She received $10,000 as scholarship by the principal of her college for obtaining good marks.

That day contentedness had built a house in her heart. She handed over her prize money to her mother and said, “Here mother, you could use my prize money for your doctor’s appointment”. Her mother replied, “I can’t take it, you earned it”. Amy insisted so her mother took her money but she did not use it because she wanted to save it for Amy when she would be joining a medical college. She didn’t want to tell Amy about it. In this regard, she lied to her daughter that she had her appointment with the doctor and he told her that she is totally alright.

Now Amy just had to pass the medical college test. Amy was working more than ever. Her mother even paid the tutors to tutor Amy. One by one the exams passed. These days she was waiting for the result announcement. After ten days the result was announced and Amy was one of them who got admission in the medical college. She was delighted and then something struck her mind and she remembered that she had not enough money and became sad. When her mother noticed her gloominess and asked her, “What’s the matter dear, why do you look so sad”. Amy replied, “We do not have enough money for my admission into medical college.” At once her mother recalled that she had saved Amy’s scholarship but she didn’t want to tell her about it so she answered that she had saved some money from her salary and now she could go to medical college.

After one week, Amy joined college. She used to chat with her mother online. But now six or seventh months had slipped away but her mother had not answered any of her texts or calls. Amy was worried about her mother so she took one week leave from the medical college and went to her house. When she reached there she knocked at the door but no one came to open it. Amy had a spare key of her house so with the help of it she unlocked the door. As she entered the house she saw mess everywhere. She cried Mom! Mom! Where are you? But she was nowhere to be found. After a while she found a letter on the table. As she opened it she burst into tears. In the letter it was written:

Dear Amy,

I know it would grieve you very much indeed for keeping it a secret from you. I had hepatitis C and its treatment costs a lot of money. I also lied to you that I had my doctor’s appointment instead I saved your prize money for your medical college expenses. I hope that you would be an amazing doctor and treat the poor for free. I sacrificed myself so that one day when you would be a doctor, you could save other lives.

Take Care,
Love Mom,

While Amy was swallowing the words of the letter her tears were flowing, trickling down her face and wetting her cheeks. She had turned pale. The next day she went back to college and began working hard in order to become a successful doctor to fulfill her mother’s dream.

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