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Haunted House

“Haunted House” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Divyansh Garg, Scholar Academy School, India.

Haunted House

That morning in the United States of America started out just like any other day at the office. I waved hello to my staffs, then scurried off to my desk. Oops I always forgot to introduce myself, my name is Geronimo Stilton, and I run the rodent gazette, the most famous newspaper on America. As I was telling that I just came in my gazette and waved to my staffs and sat on my desk. Then I began to write my special Edition and that was HAUNTED HOUSE. Suddenly when I was writing my special book, then my grandfather William Stilton immediately called me and told me about the haunted house. I got very disappointment I was writing my new book. He told me to save people trapped by ghosts. I tried to say no but my grandfather booked my flight ticket to France. I decided to take my lovely nephew Benjamin, my sister Thea and my cousin Trap. So I called my sister, nephew and my cousin and invited them to the journey of France.

Next day we booked a taxi and went to the airport. We boarded our flight. In 2 hours we reached France. We went to a hotel and we all took a rest there, we all were very tired. Next day we took some information about the haunted house. Some people told that don’t go near that house because when you will enter the castle you will get electrical shocks, some told that monsters and ghosts live there, but we didn’t think about that all scary things. When we were riding in our personal car, then we suddenly saw an old man, my sister Thea thought that old people may know everything about the haunted house. We asked that old man but he didn’t know about that castle, but he told about a teacher who knows about that castle. We all went to that teacher and asked all about the haunted castle. We got to know many things from that teacher. After collecting so many information, we planned the work how to do. Thanks to that teacher who gave this drawing of the whole castle.

Next day we just got ready very fast and rechecked our plan. We all were waiting for evening to happen to start our mission. At evening we went to the haunted house and started our mission. To get safe from electrical shocks we wore an iron suit and an iron tail is attached to the tail, so that all the current shocks go inside the ground. As we crossed the electrical shock zone, we opened the door of the castle. When we opened the door we saw all dirty creatures like bats, insects etc. We went inside the castle and searched for the people who were trapped by ghosts. We saw some ghosts guarding the people who were trapped. It is good that before the trip Professor Von Volt who is the very intelligent scientist, gave me a laser gun which is only used for ghosts. We destroyed them and saved the people. We destroyed other ghosts too. After a few minutes all the ghosts were destroyed. We all said together mission haunted castle has completed. All the people thanked us, we got very happy. After returning the hotel I quickly booked tomorrow’s 7:00 AM flight. Next day we booked a taxi and went to the airport. In 2 hours we reached to United States of America, we call it as our lovely home came. Next day I went to rodent gazette and told the whole story to my grandfather, and then I began writing my special book and that was HAUNTED HOUSE.

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