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Chaos In The Art Room

“Chaos In The Art Room” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Tracy Gokool, Vistabella Presbyterian Primary School, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.

Chaos In The Art Room

Opening my eyes, I observed several hues scattered on the floor, my bristles were stiff and immoveable as the yellow paint stuck firmly like glue. Screaming children scurried around like wild animals, dented paint cans were dripping wet with paint.

The moment the short, slim girl entered the room, I remembered everything clearly.

Hello, my name is Pablo and I am a paintbrush and do I have a story to tell. The day began in silence until the anxious infants rushed in, all excited for a new day. They chatted continuously until the footsteps of Miss Nancy, their teacher transformed the classroom into a hush of silence.

While sitting in her chair she opened her draw and took out the roll book, as usual she began the day by calling the roll. “Sally, Harry, Mary, Peter, Benny” she called and all answering with the same response, “Present Miss”

Hilda, Sam and Pete, my paintbrush pals were hiding behind the dusty text books, it was no different to the normal school day or so we thought.

Miss Nancy stepped out of the classroom for a brief meeting and the moment the door was shut, the shouting of the infants could be heard throughout the entire school. I closed my eyes for a moment and took deep breaths. While my eyes were closed I felt the cool paint splashing upon my bristles.

Opening my eyes, I observed several hues of paint scattered on the floor, my bristles were stiff and immoveable as the yellow paint stuck firmly like glue. Screaming children scurried around like wild animals, dented paint cans were dripping with wet paint.

My owner Anne Blankin grabbed me and hastily she shoved me in her bag pocket. I stayed there until the bell rang for when the school day ended and it is time to go home.

Taken into a vast, quiet room Anne took me out and dipped me into a can of yellow paint and gently rubbed against the canvas to paint a golden sun. The canvas had a garden filled with flowers and a bright blue sky and the sun shining in all its brilliance completed the picture. Anne called for her parents to see her work of art.

As she left the room, I was snatched by Rosy, Anne’s pet dog. Anne came in the room dragging her mum with her just to see me as Rosy’s chewed toy. “Stop Rosy!” Rosy ignored her and bolted towards the door. Anne chased Rosy endlessly until she finally got her. I was then taken to the arms of Anne where I rested safe and secure. She wiped off the spit and drool. Teeth marks covered me completely and my name could hardly be seen now. Oh! How I felt ashamed.

About ten minutes later I was taken to an art store. It was filled with paintings and a variety of art supplies. With the push of a button, an old man came to the counter. “May I help you?” he asked with a most appealing smile.

“Yes” Anne’s mother replied “Can you mend a paintbrush?”

The man took me and examined my scrapes. I was then taken to a small table where held a huge collection of different handles and bristles stood. With a simple twist he separated my handle from my bristles. He washed my bristles thoroughly and stuck an ivory handle to it. I felt brand new, my handle was smooth as ever and my bristles were soft and ready to paint. I was brought back to Anne as her mother paid a fee of ten dollars.

The next day I was re-united with my paintbrush pals who barely recognized me. At that point, the trouble began, as Anne left the room the three most naughty children entered the classroom. Harry, Molly and Dan were ramping everywhere, they spilt paint, scattered books and almost broke Miss Nancy’s glass ornament. Once again it was “chaos in the art room”

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