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Sad Girl

“All Alone Forever” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by K.G.Ushiri N.D.Perera, Sri Lanka.

All Alone Forever

“A girl student suicides”
“16 years old girl dies”
“A train kills a young girl”
“A young student suicide due to a love affair”

The newspaper articles carried these headlines today as their major news. Today was the worst day in 2017 calendar. But I couldn’t understand why it’s so worse.

I had the most dreadful pain in my neck as I touched it. It was severe a second before but now nothing seemed wrong. Instead I felt like I am not under gravity anymore. I looked down at the bed. Something was there but it was covered with a sheet of cloth. Everything was silent. As I was sitting on the window sill, I could see everything below me. I was wondering about the dead silence when suddenly I heard a loud wailing. I listened hard. Yes! It was my darling mum. Why is she wailing? I got down from the window sill, but before I could do anything the crowd outside busted in. My mommy followed by my daddy, baby sister, cousins, relatives, my friends, doctors and nurses came in. Why are they crying? What has happened? Why am I all alone here? I went to my mother and called her. But she didn’t look at me, she was looking at the bed. Again I tried to question her but I got an immediate answer as the nurse took that sheet away from the bed.

“Oh! My god! It’s me! It’s me! How can that be? How can I be here? How can I stay at two places in the same time?” I screamed to death but no one seemed to notice me. I looked at my own body and the people who were crying around it. They must be crying for me. Everything came into my mind like a rewind film roll.

It was yesterday night. Our house is near by the railway station. When everyone went to bed last night, I crept out of the house. I planned to meet the 12.30pm train from Colombo to Galle. So I went and waited for it. When at last it came, I laid down on the rails and before the train driver could stop the train, I was killed. I was taken to the hospital by the passengers. My parents were called. All the newspapers caught me as their news headline. This is all because of him. He betrayed me. That wicked, Roger Tinker, he deserted my in a lonely world. I didn’t dare to tell this to my parents because I was afraid of being punished. So instead I killed myself. I knew it’s a great sin, but……………………

I saw they take my silent body home. They were crying out of heart. I went with them. I was there with them when they kept my body in their living room. I wanted to explain them what happened. I wanted to apologise to them. So I talked loudly to get their attention. No one seemed to hear my recall about the fault. I looked at my mum, she was crying hard. Tears came to my eyes. I wanted to comfort her. I went to her and said, “Mother, I am your daughter. Please listen to me. I am really sorry for what I did. I never…………..” No use. She didn’t even see me. Actually she didn’t know that I was there. I am the spirit of the dead girl. I’m not the physical status of her but the psychological status.

I looked around me. I saw my baby sister crying on my granny’s lap who was wailing. I went to my baby sister called her into my arms. She looked up straight into my eyes. She lifted her hands and stopped crying. She could see me.

Yes! I almost forgot. Babies could see ghosts. I was so happy that someone could see me. “Darling why are you all crying? I know it’s because of me. Please forgive me, I am sorry for what I did. I wanted to be a generous, kind, loving sister to you. I will always protect you and be with you. I love you.” Though I knew she couldn’t talk still I felt a comfort. I gave her an untouchable kiss then I turned around while she started to cry again.

Then I saw my father. He was neither crying nor weeping like mother. He was just staring at the air. I went to him. I understood that he was crying more than anyone. Though daddy didn’t show it, he was crying even more than mommy. I kneeled down in front of him and said, “Daddy I am, I am really sorry. I couldn’t help it. Sorry I gave you tears.” I was not able to say anymore. I felt tears down my cheeks. I got up and kissed my darling daddy. Even though he didn’t hear me, he must have felt me. Suddenly some tears ran down his cheeks. I went to my mum and gave her a kiss too. She was weeping so hard.

I made everyone cry, broke the family happiness. It’s all my fault. Why did I let that stupid man cheat me? Why didn’t I tell my parents? I was so stupid. I looked around for Roger. He was nowhere in the funeral. I roused high into the air and looked.

Ah! There he was, with another girl! Now he’ll desert that girl too. What a man! “I curse you Roger Tinker!” I shouted in the air. No one heard. But I knew that someday Roger will get the punishment for his dirty work. “But you can’t blame him.” I told to myself. “You have deserted many lives now.” I had to admit finally that everything was my fault.

Finally I understood that there’s no use in repenting. Nothing happened can be pulled back!

No one can help me!
I am all alone here!

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