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All about me

“All about me” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Ada-Itanyi, ST. John xxii, Canada.

All about me

My name is Emalove Abel. I am nine years old, fair in complexion, tall for my age, smart, loving and caring. My family and I live in Canada where everybody is nice, loving, caring and helpful. My mum said that she has a reason for calling me Emalove Abel. She says that she named me Emma because I am a girl, Love because she loves me and Abel my dad’s name.

In my spare time, I love to draw, do some gymnastics or make videos. People think that I am flexible but I don’t think so, so I just ignore them. My best colour is magenta I like that colour because it is a bright colour, girly girl colour, and it means friendship. I have four friends named Iris, Mia, Sophie and Jessica. Iris is nine years old, fair in complexion and she likes yellow. Mia is eight years old dark in complexion, she likes to play Badminton, her favourite colour is sky-blue. Sophie is one of the best artists in the school, she draws better than anyone else. During her spare time, she draws or does drawing competition with her parents. She likes the colour purple and is obsessed with it. Jessica is one of the girly girls, she likes magenta which I like. She likes to draw and do play sports and she is my BBF we like to do almost everything together. I have a twin and one younger sister, the name of my twin is Avalove Abel. She likes green, tall in height and act like a boy and likes to make videos with me, my younger sister’s name is Olivia Abel, she is 1 year old, whenever she is well fed she plays with us but when she’s not she cries easily. Ava is hoping that when Olivia grows up she would join us in making videos. Olivia is cute and so tiny. My twin and I have a necklace on our neck, Ava’s necklace has an “AL” on it while mine has an “EL” on it, and my mum says we should never take it off our necks so she won’t mix us up. In school Ava is so popular than me in fact she has ten friends in school or maybe more than that and I hate it when she’s with her friends and I am near her. Ava is so rude to me in school but nice to other people or at home.

I am so glad to have very loving and caring parents that raised us up in a gentle and inspiring way. Wherever I go I always have someone encouraging me especially my friend, my parents, my sisters and myself. Even though I sometimes don’t like my twin I still love her no matter what she does. I am glad to have two cheerful sisters Avalove and Olivia. I am grateful to God for being with me wherever I go and I hope to make the world a better place.

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