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A Generous Act Of My Sister

“A Generous Act Of My Sister” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by S. Nadeemaa Zainub, Chinmaya Vidyalaya CBSE, School, Coimbatore, India.

A Generous Act Of My Sister

Ours is a small family with five members…..Myself, Dad, Mom, Grandma and my naughty sister who is 5 years old. We both are in the same school. She is in U.K.G and myself in sixth. She is a cute, naughty, mischievous type of girl. She never fails to get scolds from any of us by her witty actions. But because of her spontaneity, she always wins all our hearts and I personally admires her. My love for her suddenly increased to the peak after that incident happened.

Let me explain. One day, after returning from school, we went for play, after that we started studying. My mother always looks after her homework and sometimes I used to help her in coloring and making projects etc… She has English alphabets and Math numbers from 1 to 50 to write every day. But on that day she was not given a single page homework on both subjects.

There is nothing written on her class work note. My mother asked her “Why she has not written anything?” She sadly replied, “I did not have pencil in my pencil box, so I was asked to sit simply for the whole day”. We just don’t know what to say her. I instantly asked her “Why can’t you get from others?” All of sudden she responded “Nobody gave me the pencil as they have only one for them to write”.

We consoled her that “No problem we will copy down everything tomorrow” and made an apology for not checking the bag properly. The next morning when we were ready to leave for the school, I assured that she had a pencil in her box, but I saw two pencils. My mother questioned her that “Why did you take two pencils?”, as you are so careless and you always missing your properties.

On hearing her reply, we all are astonished and felt heavenly bliss. She responded that “Yesterday I simply sit for the whole day, without writing anything just because I had no pencil and no one got two; If someone else forgot or missed, then there might arise the same situation and they might simply sit for the rest of the day. But if I got two pencils, then I can give them.

We never expected such a reply from a naughty kid who is always playful. Me and my mother can’t resist ourselves from hugging her with a great pride and happiness. On that day she stood as a ‘Hero’ in my heart and I was moved by her act of generosity. She taught me a lesson that how small the help will be, it is at the receiving end gets a remarkable value and we always be ready to help others as much as possible. Age doesn’t matter at all. Yes, she became a small ‘Guru’ for me.

My mother conveyed this matter impatiently to my Dad. Usually Dads doesn’t show their love and concern wide open, even though they love more than the mothers, so as my Dad. As usual he silently rejoiced the heroic deed of his witty cub and “do you know what he did?”.

He added a cherry to the cake by giving a dozen of pencil and rubber set to my sister’s class teacher. She also impressed by my sister’s true helping mind. Yes, one small step of my sister brings a great change in everyone’s mind on that day. And I conclude my live experience of a true heart of my sister with a small note that “Kindness - The most valuable gift you will ever give someone”.

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