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To Learn and To Teach

“To Learn and To Teach” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by G.Dharshini, India.

To Learn and To Teach


Mani called his father in a feeble voice.

“What do you want my dear son?” asked his father.

“I don’t like to go to work. I want to go to school daddy.”

“My dear son, I can understand your interest. But we have lot of loans and also to pay for your mothers hospital expenses. We can manage our situation only if we go to work, told Kandan sorrowfully.

Mani and Velan are having interest in studies. But because of his family situation they worked in a fireworks factory near his house.

On that day, the manager said to the children, “The Collector is coming for inspection to all our factories. All of you come after two days. You can go now immediately”

While telling this the Collector came. His name was Nambirajan.

The manager was shocked.

“Are there any child workers here? “Asked Nambirajan.

Before the manager could answer, Nambirajan saw the children.

“For your profit don’t spoil their life. Ask their parents to come here”, told Nambirajan.

“Yes sir! I will do it now” said the manager.

He called the children’s parents.

The Collector spoke to them about the educational importance and its specialty and the disadvantages of child labour and how the kids will be facing different problems by not having basic education.

Suddenly the Collector stopped what he was saying. He saw Kandhan and asked, “You… you are Kandhan right?”

“You are Numbirajan right?” asked Kandhan.

“How are you? My dear old friend! How are things going with you?”, asked Nambirajan.

Kandhan said, “What can I say? When we were children you told me to read. You told me that reading would make our future safe. But I didn’t listen to your words. Now I am struggling. My wife is not well, I am poor and my children are working in factories.

He started crying.

“Don’t be sad Kandha. Education is very important to lead a good life. Your wife will be well soon. We are here for a campaign against child labour. Let us hold hands and make this venture successful and give our children the future they deserve”

“I don’t know, how to thank you sir” Said Kandha.

Nambirajan said, “Don’t call me sir. You can call me as you usually called me, Nambi. Your children are my children. Don’t be sad”.

The Collector called all the parents and told them, “I will help you to educate your kids”.

There should be a Collector like Nambirajan, who would take an active initiative to eradicate child labour.

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