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Outstanding Story - The Trip to the Zoo

“The Trip to the Zoo” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Sachika Dokania, India.

The Trip to the Zoo

This is the story about a girl named Cherry who lived in India. She loved to play outdoor games and had a friend named Tina. They often visited nearby parks and gardens and played different games under the sun.

They once went on a school trip to the zoo. Both the friends were very excited, they had never seen real animals before. In the zoo they saw lions, tigers and leopards moving in and out of their artificial caves. The crocodile was sleeping near the pond in its confinement, the giraffe was eating leaves from the tallest trees, and the deer were running through the large enclosures in groups. It was such fun! All the children were enjoying themselves. Then the teacher asked them to have some rest. Cherry and her friend Tina took a seat on a bench and opened their lunchboxes.

Suddenly they heard people shouting and crying. Before they could understand anything a tiger came out of nowhere and jumped over the bench, the girls were terrified and held each other tightly. They had never imagined such a scene in their lives.

People were running everywhere throughout the zoo. A tiger was out of its pen, and it was scared as it was running everywhere without harming anyone. It got scared as some children had thrown mud and stones into its cage. The cage was covered from the sides but open on the top. As a stone hit its eye, it had leaped high and was out amongst the humans.

The teacher huddled everybody behind a huge tree. Cherry and Tina threw their lunchboxes and ran towards the group. Everybody was frightened, some started praying others shouting and crying.

The school bus came rushing into the zoo to collect the students. All the children quickly got inside and safely got out of the danger zone.

Next day Cherry read in the newspaper that the tiger was caught by the zoo staff after a few hours of playing hide and seek, it was sent back into the cage. Cherry thanked God for saving everyone from the tiger’s wrath.

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