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The Shy Owl Story

“The Shy Owl” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Mariam Asali, Georgia.

The Shy Owl

Once upon a time in Owl village, there lived an Owl called Sally. She was one of the youngest, and smallest, owls in the village. It was the first day of school, so she decided to write her story in her diary on that day:

I am in the first Grade. My mom woke me up, even though I was still sleepy. When I went to school, I didn't know anyone and the class was very different from my kindergarten. We had sentences on the board instead of letters. I sat in the back because math class was starting. The teacher asked

“What does 2+4 equal?”

I knew the answer; I just couldn't say it in front of everyone. I watched everyone raise their hands, except for me. They were teasing me.

“Don't you know any math, are you stupid,” said the biggest and meanest one, Dory.

When I went home, I was very sad. My mom asked me:

“What’s wrong?”

I answered: “I couldn't answer in front of everyone. I think I have a problem but I do not know what it is.”

My mom said in surprise: “I think you have the shy fly!”

“The shy fly?” I echoed; “What does that mean??” I asked, surprised.

“The shy fly is a feeling you get around new people,” said mom, and continued, “Show them that you are in fact good at many things like swimming, math, art, and music. Also, tell them you want to be their friend.”

She told me to impress them and be their friend, so I won’t be shy. Today, I will show them in the swimming class! I said with a smile.

I changed into my swimsuit during Swimming lessons.

“Everyone takes turns to swim: show us your skills. You go first, Sally,” our swimming teacher said pointing at me. I jumped into the warm water, kicking my legs as fast as I could. I went across the pool twice before everyone started clapping. When I got out, everyone cheered. Then, the biggest toughest owl, Dory, came up smiling and said:

“I thought you weren't good at anything; I am sorry about teasing you all the time. Can we be friends?” I smiled and we walked home arms linked, still smiling. And we became best friends, so I invited her to my sleep-over.

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