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The Santa's Helper Story

“The Santa's Helper” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Michael, Indonesia.

The Santa's Helper

One day, there was a little elf that went to Santa’s toy factory. Santa happened to catch a cold that day. So someone had to replace him as in charge. From more than a hundred elves he was chose to replace Santa for a day. So he went to the reindeers. The little elf was on his way to deliver presents.

At his first stop, there was a fire at the chimney. He extinguished the fire with a bucket of water and went down the chimney into the house. He stepped around a sleeping dog and was walking on tip toes when he suddenly tripped and fell over the rug. The noise woke the kids and they came down to the hall and saw the little elf dressed as Santa.

The children screamed, “Santa!”

The little elf was frightened but he managed to hold out his hands and say “Ho ho ho!”

The children wondered why he sounded so different and childlike, “Why do you sound so weird?”

The elf said “Because I haven’t practiced in a very long time.”

The children didn’t believe the little elf so they called their parents. Their parents called the police and the little elf was arrested and thrown in jail. The little elf was worried sick, he couldn’t sleep and first tear of his life ran down his cheek that night. Santa heard about the unfortunate events but he was still so sick and was at the hospital.

In the hospital all the people kept saying, “Hi Santa, you’re real?”

But Santa wouldn’t answer; he was so sad that his little elf was at the prison. When the doctor had checked on him and prescribed medicines he began to leave but the people asked him not to go away. The Santa still wouldn’t answer; he had to get to the Police Station.

Santa went to the prison to help his elf. He told the police that there was a mistake and that the little elf was only trying to help him out when he was sick. But the police didn’t believe that he was the real Santa. They believed that he too was a prisoner who had successfully escaped from the bars. The police also thought that he was pretending to be Santa. But Santa proved that he was the real Santa and not a prisoner by showing his flying reindeers. So the police let the elf and Santa go.

Since the elf failed and Santa was not sick anymore, Santa got to his own job again. He also thanked the little elf for trying to replace him and do his job. The elf was so happy to be back to what he was doing as an elf. Christmas was saved and all the children got their toys on time.

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