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The Possessed Doll Story

“The Possessed Doll” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Srinithi Jeyakumar, India.

The Possessed Doll

I gazed at the chiming bell that was tied to the antique door – it opened ajar and then fully, to reveal a mother who was smiling brightly, holding hands with her bubbly, hopping and grinning daughter. The girl was adorable – with such an expression and personality which could have lightened up the whole room. Her hair was done in golden pigtails, and her soft yet vibrant clothes wavered in the wind.

My rather beautifully done box was made of glass so that the customers could see what I looked like. This alluring doll that I live in is truly magnificent; she has silky honey-brown hair with the brightest, most amazing smile I have ever seen. She wears rich and frilly clothing, with fake yet sparkly jewels and gems. With pink and red roses along with other flowers in her hair, her eyes shimmered brightly to compliment the look – but her cost was rather low. Our shop’s business has gotten very poor and we aren’t selling anything: we’ve had to shorten down the price until it was less than 80% of the original price.

I’ve never understood how spirits like me possess an evil personality and want to torment and frighten innocent humans. I do acknowledge how they’re ‘out for revenge’, but why would they want to present terror and sleepless nights to other people when they could live their life as anything? My goal is to love and get love back from an owner.

And I have a feeling that this precious little girl would be that special owner I have been longing for. It’s been a year and out of the few customers that approached this shop, she looked the most promising.

She laid her eyes on me, and her face couldn’t have been happier– and the price tag of a couple of dollars. She lit up and lightly tugged her mother’s soft shawl. “Mommy?” She said in a breathy voice, trying to hide her excitement and trying not to disturb the owner who was in another room, working. “Look there, please!” Her mom smiled at her and looked at where her daughter was pointing: and saw a lovely, enchanting doll. Her mom was equally delighted, gazing at the captivating doll in front of her. She was quite good-natured – especially anxious to please her young, lovable girl on her birthday.

“Oh, Crystal, it’s wonderful! Is this what you’d like for your birthday? “

“Yes, please, mommy! I’d love to have it!” She said gently but brimming with joy. Her mother slowly picked me up. It was the first time I wasn’t standing on top of the counter in a year. Was someone truly taking me home? Was there a new land in store for me? I believed it was a vivid dream, was it too good to be true? I hope the other spirits do not know what they’re missing out on: a pleasant experience of being cared for instead of terrorizing others.

I’d been taken to the counter, paid for and talked to by Crystal as if I was her best, most considerate friend who listened to every amusing word she said and hung on to every pause when she was thinking of charming compliments for the doll – and of course I did. I was most happy to see the light of day again, with a cool breeze blowing and the glowing sun shining.

I couldn’t wait for her to take me to the natural park blooming with colorful flowers to talk to her on the comfortable wooden bench; I couldn’t wait for her to brush and groom my luxurious hair and straighten my clothes as if she was my loving mother. Perhaps, when we grew up together, we’d go on adventures? Will she truly remember me, will she keep me forever?

And thus, my journey begins.

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