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Outstanding Story - The Lazy Horse

“The Lazy Horse” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Farhan Mohammed Faizal Mohsin, Dubai.

The Lazy Horse

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tom. He was a kind trader. He traded salt. He had a very lazy horse who wanted to avoid work.

One day Tom was working, he put sacks of salt onto the horse’s back. The horse started walking while Tom was collecting food. When the horse reached the bridge; he slipped down and started to sink in the water.

He started shouting “Someone please help me, please help me!” When he got up the sacks became lighter because the salt got dissolved.

When Tom reached and weighed it, it weighed half a kg. Tom thought he weighed it wrong. Every day the horse would do this for 2 weeks. One day, Tom loaded up salt and this time he did not collect food, instead he followed the horse.

When the horse reached the bridge, Tom saw the horse’s plan and said, “You lazy horse, you are going to pay for this.”

The next day, Tom kept sacks of cotton instead of salt. When the horse fell down, the cotton absorbed the water and became heavier.

The horse was sinking and shouted, “Help me, help me, please help me or else I will die due to suffocation.”

When the horse went up again, Tom came from collecting food, walked through the bridge and laughed, “Hahaha! Finally you have learned your lesson you lazy horse! hahaha!”

The next day, Tom became a cotton trader. Tom put sacks of cotton on the horse’s back and it started walking. The horse threw some of the cotton into the water and ran as fast as possible. Then he threw all of the cotton and hid somewhere. When Tom came back, he saw nothing but the cotton fallen down. Tom became very angry and searched for the horse. When the horse came out, he scolded the horse very badly.

Tom became a salt trader again. This time he gave his horse good training, so he will not tell lies or make silly mistakes or do any tricks.

One day the horse fell into the water and shouted, “Help me!!!!Help me!!!!Tom!!! Please help me.”

Hearing this, Tom ran to the bridge and saw the horse sinking. Tom brought his rope and threw it in the water and said, “Horsy hold the rope and climb” the horse came out of the water safely.

Tom packed a sack of salt on the horse back and happily traded forever.

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