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The Haunted House Story

“The Haunted House” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Azanul Islam, Italy.

The Haunted House

Hi my name is Blake, I am on a journey, from Tajikistan to Banghistan with my best friends Xavier and Jasper. We are going on a bus. They have called us to Banghistan to deal with ghost infestation. I know you will ask what have I got to do with that, the answer is that I'm a ghost punisher, a fire breather and a death cheater.

Once we arrive Xavier whispered, “I thought that the house was small but now I see that it's an old king's palace”.

“I know I'm also surprised”. I said.

Then suddenly from the window a girl was staring at me. I waved my hand but she didn't answer, she just went away, she was beautiful. Then an old man came and asked me “Are you Mr. Blake?”

“Yes sir, you can call me by my name”

“Please come inside” pleaded the old man.

I had left my luggage outside the bungalow. Now I found one by the door another burning in the yard. I promised myself that whoever did that would have a piece of my mind. They gave me a room that was very big, it was bigger than the room that I had in Pakistan.

I had a look around the whole house, it took me almost an hour to finish going through all the rooms. I was thinking about that beautiful girl I had seen when I arrived. Had she really been there or had I just imagined it? I was going to walk in front of the bathroom when suddenly that beautiful girl passed in front of me, her hair touched my face. I followed her to her room.

Then she turned around and said “Who the hell are you?!!”

“Hi my name is Blake and you?”

“My name is Arlesca”

That night as I was going around the bungalow I saw a great door that I had not seen during the day. It was locked with a fat stick. Then suddenly the door opened automatically and there were three ghosts, they were not just ghosts- they were half human. I ran as fast as I could.

Boom! I locked the door of my room; I knew that these ghosts wouldn’t be able to pass through the door. They were kicking the door as hard as they could, then suddenly the door was going to break. I was breathing as fast as a tired leopard. Suddenly the door broke, they came in and held my collar and threw me by the wall. I used some spells for finishing them but they were too strong. Then I threw three knives, not simple knives- but special ones. I threw them all at the same time and bingo, I got them all and by then everybody had gathered by the door and saw the half ghosts vanishing into thin air.

Two years later I married Arlesca and we went to Germany for our honeymoon.

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