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Outstanding Story - The Good Squirrel Pattu

“The Good Squirrel Pattu” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Oviya, India.

The Good Squirrel Pattu

There was an old oak tree; it was a home for many squirrels. Nattu and Pattu were two squirrels living in it. Nattu was a beautiful and fluffy squirrel and Pattu was a thin and ugly squirrel.

There was a lovely rose garden near the oak tree. Nattu had so many friends and they used to play in the garden. Pattu wanted to be friends with them, so she went to the garden and asked Nattu "I want to be your friend. Can I play along with you all?", but they refused because Pattu was not pretty. Pattu felt sad. She played alone in the garden.

One day the gardener set up a trap to catch the squirrels. Nattu was trapped in the garden. Pattu came and helped her and Nattu came out of the trap happily. After saving Nattu Pattu went home. Nattu ran to Pattu's home with an acorn. She said “Thank you, Pattu". Both the squirrels shared and ate the acorn and became friends.

Nattu told her story to the other friends and they all felt sorry for their behavior in the garden. They all went to Pattu's house with Nattu and apologized in person. From that day on they all became good friends and played happily.

Moral: Life is like a desert without friends, but we shouldn't choose our friends on the base on appearance, choose friends by their good character.

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