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The Fractured Hand Story

“The Fractured Hand” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Warda Zahra Abbas, Saudi Arabia.

The Fractured Hand

It was Monday morning and I was walking back to my class from our assembly when I fell down tripping on my own legs!

My best friend Hamda tried to help me get up on my feet but I just couldn’t get up no matter how much I tried.

Then Miss Arwa came and helped me stand up. It was very painful to move my hand and I went to the nurse and she put a bandage on my right hand but within the first half of the day the pain had increased and my hand started to swell.

When I went home my mother saw what had happened to my hand and she was shocked, in an instant she called my father to take me to the doctor. My father rushed back from work to take care of me. We took an appointment and waited for an hour at the hospital. The doctor put a plaster in my right hand and gave me a lollipop for being brave. We came back home and then my dad explained how I had a minor fracture. My mother gave me milk to drink. She told me that would help my bones to repair faster and become strong once again.

The next day my mother called the school and said I would be taking a month’s leave since I wouldn’t be able to write with my right hand. At home I practiced to write with my left hand and completed homework that my teachers sent to me with my sister.

After a month, I could write with both hands and got back to school. My friends listened to every single detail about how I recovered from the injury and praised me for being strong. My teachers helped me become strong once again.

I learnt to never give up if anything bad happens to me. It was still very hard for me to write. So everyday my teacher would encourage me to write with my right hand and after several weeks I had perfected my writing. Now I can tell everybody that I have mastered a new skill. I even got appreciation awards from my teachers for my hard work. I realized after this incident that it helped me to become a new and stronger person.

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