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The End Story

“The End” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Joaquin Vercelli-Navas, The Netherlands.

The End

It's a race against time. They are coming. And it is me against all of them, sprinting down the alley, always looking out for the dangers lurking around me. Bog Monsters was the most dangerous of them. They lurked in the centre of the city picking out the weak ones. My dad was taken by them but the anger of losing him is what has kept me going all this time and I will fight to get him back. My name is Fred, Fred Rider. I've been living in a bunker all this time but when my dad was taken I started living alone, the place looks humongous without him.

Today I went out, as usual, I locked the bunker and was on my way with food and a knife. But today it all felt different, like if I was being watched. When I came back home after a while I found that my bunker had been destroyed, heart thumping out of my ribs I stood frozen in place. They were hunting for the survivors. Somebody suddenly jumped on me and caught my hands locked in a handcuff. Now I actually got a good look at the face of my attacker and it was terrifying.

They marched me back to their base and led me to a room with someone sitting on a chair. "Welcome" he whispered, "let's get straight to the point; you have survived for so long, I want to know how!"

I would never show him the super watch that had kept me going. But he already knew it and was angry that I wouldn’t tell him, so he ordered the others to take me prisoner. They marched me into a room. "You see him," they asked as they slowly shot another prisoner with a gas that turned him into one of them. “Nothing can stop us expect your watch, now where is it?”, he shouted. I didn't speak.

That night I planned to build a replica of the watch and trick them into teaching me how to fly one of their spaceships. I could escape after that with my father and save the world by placing the real watch on the main towers.

My plan worked well, I was starting to believe that he was pretty kind but I had to keep reminding myself that he was invading the world, and it was wrong.

The morning of the day I had planned my final step I left with my dad and made it to the spaceship without getting caught. We were always on the move so that they wouldn’t be able to track the spaceship location. Soon we arrived at the tower; we got off the spaceship fully armed. The tower was guarded from all sides. But we managed to get the watch to the top of the tower. As we ran out we could here gunshots and laser beams directed at us. We barely just managed to jump onto the space ship and leave. We had made it. Looking down at the ground and seeing all of the monsters vanish was a big relief to us, we had made it.

My dad and I built a better bunker, and we thought we were safe in its shelter. But last night we heard the door open we woke up with a start. In the darkness the last words I heard from him were "Run dear! Run!!”

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