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Rushi and Rick

“Rushi and Rick” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Jinay Sarawagi, India.

Rushi and Rick

Vacations were drawing nearby. Rushi was very excited to go to his granny’s house. She lived in a three storey bungalow surrounded by lush green farm. Finally, his most anxiously awaited day arrived. “Mamma, Mamma! I have stuffed my bag with clothes. Do you need my help? Hurry up! Mamma”. Rushi was frolicking in excitement. Soon, Rushi and his mother set off towards granny’s house.

Granny was equally overwhelmed to see Rushi after a long time. Rushi hugged his granny and insisted her to take him to the massive farm house. “Sure my dear. Let’s start from the mango orchard”, said granny enthusiastically. Ripe mangoes watered his mouth. He couldn’t stop himself from plucking a mango from the tree. Relishing the mango, he reached the vineyard, where green and black juicy grapes were dangling. He plucked some juicy grapes and walked on munching happily.

On the way, an ugly and weird tree caught his sight. “Eeks! This tree is so ugly granny. It is interfering in the beauty of this farm house,” said Rushi. Granny explained, “My dear son, this tree is very significant. It is home to my favourite bird sparrow, Rick".

This beautiful bird gained his attention. Rick became the apple of his eye. Every morning, from his window, he widened and strained his eyes to peep inside the nest on the tree. Its chirping sound filled his heart with glee. Rick left his dwelling when the dawn neared and returned when the dusk crept in. In its absence, Rushi kept constant eye on the nest to safeguard its family members.

One day he took out a raincoat from his bag and tore it. He sewed a shelter for the birds to comfort them during rains. His delicate fingers got pricked many times but he paid no heed to it. He rushed towards the tree and fixed the shelter above the nest. Suddenly he heard a hissing sound. He started trembling with fear when he saw a snake ascending the trunk of the tree. He gathered all his courage and with a long stick beat the snake black and blue. He surrounded the bottom of the trunk with thorny wires to protect the birds and returned back home.

Rushi’s school reopened. He left his granny’s home with a heavy heart. He took the updates of Rick and his family from his granny. Months passed away. Rushi was completely engrossed in his school activities and academics. After his examinations, he again went to his granny’s house. His eyes were wandering in search of Rick. He was aback to see the devastated farm house. His granny cuddled him and explained “Dear Rushi, the monsoon floods destroyed the farm house and ruined Rick’s house”. Rushi was distressed but suddenly a chirping sound brought a grin on his face. He jumped with joy. His bird friend was back. He rushed out of the house and followed his bird friend. He reached its new dwelling and was glad to see the young ones hatched out from the eggs. He was overjoyed to see his raincoat shelter above the nest.

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