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Frightened boy, Return of the Stepfather

“Return of the Stepfather” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Abdi Rage, Netherlands.

Return of the Stepfather

As lightning struck the tree making a loud explosion, Lucas was irritating his mother who was setting the dinner table. Whilst Lacey was making the culinary choice for the evening, Lucas was running around the house breaking things around the house. Lucas then ran to his room.

Staring out of his window, he saw a shadowy figure on the front yard.

He ran downstairs to warn his sister, but when he reached down, she was gone. Lucas was gripped with fear. He started whispering, “Mom are you there?”

He frantically ran around the house in panic. Where was his mother? He heard a faint click of the television. He walked to the lounge slowly and swiftly.

As he entered the lounge, he saw the shadowy figure. He rushed to it as fast as he could, but it abruptly disappeared. Turning around slowly, he walked to the back yard. He heard some footsteps coming towards him and hid behind the door. He stood up slowly to peep through the glass, then his dog jumped up and hit the window, Lucas took a leap behind and fell to the floor. His pulse became faster and faster until …….. Lucas was knocked out - he was unconscious.

When he woke up it was as dark as the inside of a whale. He opened the door and walked out slowly. Looking around, he saw his dog frozen to death. He ran to it and picked it up. He ran with it into the woods. Standing right in front of him was an old shed. He ran to it and opened the door. To his shock, he saw his sister bound up. He ran to her and untied her. When he turned around, he saw someone standing there. He saw his step father…..

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