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On the Slopes Story

“On the Slopes” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Sophie Minton, The Netherlands.

On the Slopes

Mighty storm clouds approached us as we skied down the slopes through the powerful wind. It howled in my ears, it felt like the wind was sending me a warning. Looking out through my purple ski goggles I scanned the landscape for my dad. Snow was plastered across the trees and the freezing air was seeping through my jacket. Shivering I continued down the mountain, praying for the storm to calm down. Why did it have to be this terrible on the first day of our Christmas holidays?

The clouds were a cloak of darkness; slowly hiding the grey sky hovered above them. A bitter cold wind stung my face as I pulled up my scarf to keep myself warm. But it was of no use, the air still made its way through the tiny openings and my skin rose as goose bumps.

Because of the vigorous wind my hair whipped around wildly, the brown locks all around my face. A little robin, which was around the size of my fist, fluttered onto a nearby tree; its movement caught my eye. I've always loved birds, yet we didn't see them very often in the city. Cautiously, he hopped onto a branch, making clumps of snow fall off and Plummet to the ground. The robin suddenly flew away, and it started to snow heavily. I pulled up my turquoise hoody over my head and hugged myself.

Suddenly a deafening rumble filled the air making everybody stop and spin around. My heart thumped wildly in my chest, threatening to burst out of my rib cage. I whimpered in fright, what was happening? The earth started to shake beneath my feet, thrusting me backwards onto the snow. The roaring noise was getting closer and closer. Screams echoed through my ears as I tilted my head to examine the scene before my eyes. I couldn’t believe my eyes, chaos erupted everywhere; frantic people were skiing in every direction.

A huge wave of snow was racing down the mountain with alarming speed. It was a cheetah, chasing its prey, it was an avalanche! My ears rang with fear as I watched the disaster unfold in front of me. My body was frozen with terror and I couldn't move. My eyes were glued to the tumbling mass of snow which was racing down the mountain, destroying everything in its path. It was like a giant had thrown a snowball attempting to smash the mountain into many tiny pieces. As the avalanche sped down the mountain, more snow, ice and rocks attached to the mass, making it larger as it rolled down the slope. I felt dizzy and sick, would I survive this fury? The world spun around me. I felt a sudden pang of pain, a wave of agony swept over my unconscious body.

The sound of a wailing siren echoed through the mountain. My milky blue eyes fluttered open and I tried to stand up, a pain blasted through my leg and I cried out in fright. The agony! The snow was dyed red from the blood that seeped out of my leg. I felt the entire colour drain from my face as I panicked. A huge sled quickly cut through the snow with its metal blades leaving parallel tracks behind them. The sound of the siren next to me was ear splitting. As I closed my eyes in horror weariness took over my motionless body.

Now I am here after my three-week recovery, sipping hot chocolate and explaining my story to my best friend, Isabella. We're looking forward to seeing all the snaps I clicked on our holiday. Her hazel eyes did not leave mine as I started building up suspense in my adventure. "And then I woke up at the hospital two hours later with a broken leg!" I said.

"Oh Ella, that must have been so scary!" Isabella exclaims.

"Ella! Isabella's mother will be expecting her home soon!" My dad shouts from the kitchen.

"Okay dad" I sadly agree and I wave goodbye as she leaves hesitantly,

“Bye!" I call after her, as she walks down the long, twisting path away from my home.

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