Story Contest 2017 #1 - Outstanding Stories » My Surprising Birthday with a Twist!

My Surprising Birthday with a Twist! Story

“My Surprising Birthday with a Twist!” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Ankita Das, Canada.

My Surprising Birthday with a Twist!

It was a bright and sunny morning of Monday, June 20th 2016.

Ah, what a beautiful morning!

“Happy Birthday Alice!”” My mom and dad exclaimed.

“Thank you”

“Ok, so how is the birthday girl doing, we need you to stay in your room for an hour or two. Is that ok with you?” My mom asked.

“Sure, but can I please have a book and your iPad?”

“Sure” my mother said and brought me her iPad and a book for me to read.

A couple of seconds later, she left the room. I saw something small and shiny on the wall so I went closer to investigate. When I touched the spot, suddenly out of nowhere a door made out of a variety of colors appeared. I was curious to know what was on the other side so I opened the door. The second I stepped into the door, ZOOM! I was in the beach with my pink and purple bathing suit on! I ran into the water and Splash! A gigantic wave!

After that I meet a new friend named, Hazel. So, I asked her if we could go swimming, and guess what she said ‘’Yes, sure’’. We went near the water and sat for a while until I asked ‘’Shall we collect some sea shells?’’ she said ‘’Of course, yes!’’. We collected sea shells of different kinds. Big ones and small ones, thick ones and thin ones, until we found a…Beach Party! We ran as fast as we could. We were panting when we reached; they were serving free ice-cream! There was chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry and banana. Hazel got a chocolate ice-cream and I got a French Vanilla.

After we finished our delicious ice-creams, it was getting dark so it was time for us to say our ‘Good Byes’.

“I will never forget what kind of a special friend you are Hazel”.

“I will never forget you too Alice” She said with tears in her eyes. After 5 minutes when nobody was in sight I found another secret door. I opened it and I was back home with not a single drop of water and I was also wearing my birthday dress. There was a small piece of paper and a small box lying beside it. The piece of paper was actually a note from Hazel. The note said;

Dear Alice,
Thank you for being such a great friend. I really enjoyed hanging out with you. Hope we meet again soon,

Now, time to open the small and cute little box. There was a ribbon tied around it, so I had to open that first. As I opened it there was a necklace with a half of a heart in it, it said ‘Best’. I think the other half that says ‘friend’ is with Hazel. That was so sweet of her to give me this necklace. I will put it on right now. Uh-oh, my party is about to get started in 10 minutes so I better put my bracelet and headband on.

“Alice, get ready because your friends are on their way.” My mom said.

“Ok” I said.

This has been such an exciting day so far, I need to write about this in my diary! Anyways, that was my Best Birthday ever!

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