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Outstanding Story - Mother Nature

“Mother Nature” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Naina Joshi, India.

Mother Nature

There was a sweet and little innocent girl named Sunaina, who lived in Kumati, a small hilly village in Uttrakhand, India. Her village was so clean and beautiful, surrounded by green pine trees. There was no pollution in the village. Birds came to eat food in the houses; pet animals were kept kindly in their houses and were being taken care of.

Living in that village, Sunaina always dreamt of Mother Nature, who was so beautiful. Sunaina always dreamt to be as good and beautiful as Mother Nature. When Sunaina was in class ten she topped in her exams and was sent to Delhi for further studies. When she arrived at Delhi, she saw so much pollution in the city. There were no green plants, no big trees, no singing birds and no free flowing rivers.

The people of Delhi were not taking care of the birds. Sunaina was living in a hostel. Her school was very big and beautiful. She was very excited to meet her new teachers and classmates. After spending the whole day in the school, she was very tired. So she slept and dreamt about Mother Nature again; but now Mother Nature was ugly. She was no more beautiful. Her face was very dull, her hair was uncombed, her nails were not trimmed and she was looking like an evil witch. Suddenly Sunaina woke up and started crying.

The next day she made a painting of Mother Nature and made her beautiful by making ornaments for her in the painting. She kept looking at the painting and wondered why she had seen a horrible image of her the night before.

The following night she dreamt again and Mother Nature looked in the worst of conditions, She looked very ill. She told Sunaina in her dream that her ornaments were the trees, plants, rivers, fruits, birds, clouds, butterflies and flowers. That day Sunaina decided to bring back the glory of Mother Nature. To make her even more beautiful than before by planting more trees.

She immediately discussed with her friends about the dream. They decided to spread awareness among all the students of the school. She also took help from her teachers to make their school clean and pollution free. With the help of their teachers they formed an Eco club to make their campus clean and green.

After a few months Sunaina saw Mother Nature in her dream, this time she was more beautiful than ever. They both played together, enjoyed together. Sunaina was so happy, and in this way she saved Mother Nature with her small initiative.

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