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Lea - My Dream Princess! Story

“Lea - My Dream Princess!” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Fiza Farhat Usmani, Saudi Arabia.

Lea - My Dream Princess!

It was Monday morning. My mother called me, “Fiza get up or else you will miss the bus.” I woke up and got ready to go to school. There was something special about the morning that day. As we were about to start our first class, our principal Mrs. Agnes, brought a new girl to our class and said her name was Lea. Lea was very pretty and beautiful. She had long golden hair tied neatly. Her brown eyes twinkled like a star. She had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. I was very happy when the teacher asked Lea to sit beside me.

Soon Lea and I became very good friends. As Lea had joined school in the middle of the semester, I helped Lea understand the lessons she had missed. When it would be break time, we ate our lunch and then played together. I was very happy to have a kind and beautiful friend like Lea.

One day Lea whispered in my ears. “I want to tell you a secret.” I felt very excited because I wanted to know the secret. When it was break time, we went upstairs where nobody could hear us. Lea took a deep breath, and then she said in a very low voice, “I am a princess of the magic castle.” I could not believe what I had heard. But I knew that Lea would never tell a lie to me. I sat there staring at her, with my mouth wide open. Then she said.

“But please promise me, you won’t tell this to anyone, otherwise I will be in a big trouble. Because there are some bad people who want to kidnap me and make use of my magic powers.” I was full of surprise and fear after hearing Lea’s Story.

But I promised myself that I will always help my dear friend. I hugged her and assured her that I will not tell her secret to anyone and always be by her side. She smiled at me and her eyes filled with tears.

One day, Lea and I were working on a science project. We suddenly saw everyone had left the class. We were scared, because it was already dark. We could see no one. We held each other hands tightly and walked slowly towards home. Suddenly I saw a big black car behind us. I was happy, because I thought it was Lea’s car. But I was wrong. A man opened the car and tried to pull Lea inside. Then I understood these were the bad men that Lea had told me about. I held Lea’s hand tightly. Then, one of the men came out and held me from behind. I wanted to save Lea, so with all my strength; I bit the man’s hand. The man cried in pain and left me. Two more men came out of the car. Then I shouted. “Lea, use your magic powers to fight them back.” Lea turned around and suddenly her hair began to grow longer and longer. She rolled her hair like a rope and hit the bad guys and they fell down and looked at us, angrily. I quickly took out the rope from my bag which we were using for our science project. Before the men could do anything, we tied their legs and hands tightly, so they couldn’t escape.

Soon Lea’s parents arrived and then we were relieved. They handed the bad guys to the cops. Lea was very happy because now she was free. She told me, because of the fear of these bad guys; she was not allowed to go anywhere. But now she was free because of my help. When my parents came searching for me and heard the whole story, they were very proud of me. Lea’s parents thanked my parents and asked if I could go to the castle with Lea for few days. At first, my parents didn’t agree, but then they requested again and my parents agreed. I was so excited to go with Lea to her castle. The castle was very big and beautiful. There were big, beautiful bright lights all around, soft green carpets on the floor and big golden chairs and tables. It was amazing. Then Lea took me to her room. Her room was pink and beautifully decorated. Her bed was big and was full of soft pink cushions and pillows. She had many toys in her room. Her big cabinet was full of beautiful dresses in all colors- white, red, golden, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. She gave me her golden dress to wear. After a delicious dinner, we played together. Soon we went to sleep, the bed was very soft and cozy and I fell into a deep asleep.

I didn’t know how long I slept. But when I woke up I was surprised to see my mother standing beside me. She looked worried and she asked me. “Are you okay dear? I have been trying to wake you up for a long time but you kept smiling and wouldn’t get up.” I looked around and was surprised to see that I was in my own room. I asked my mother, “How did I come here? I was in Lea’s castle.”

Mom sighed deeply and said,

“Oh Fiza! Not another dream! Get up quickly or else you will miss your bus”.

I was shocked. “What! A dream…?”

I dragged myself out of bed and remembered everything – Lea’s beautiful smile, the bad men, the beautiful castle, the golden dress and the soft pink bed. Then I smiled at my beautiful dream and got ready to go to school, hoping Lea – my dream princess would one day come to my school.

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