Story Contest 2017 #1 - Outstanding Stories » Imagination Never Ends

Imagination Never Ends

“Imagination Never Ends” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2017 written by Sravani Lingam, India.

Imagination Never Ends

I was reading a very interesting book last night. After two hours, my mother told me to sleep and I was happy to do so because I wanted to dream. So I went to sleep and dreamt the whole night. I dreamt about visiting places.

In my dream, I traveled on a magic mat. It took me to visit many interesting places all over the world like Hong Kong, China, Egypt, Dubai etc. I even travelled into the past in my dreams. I saw my mother 4000 years ago in Egypt filling water using a shaduf from the Nile. I saw the wars between the lower kingdom and upper kingdom of Egypt and King Narmer wearing a white and red crown. I also saw the pyramids and a figure of a man with a lion’s body. In Hong Kong, I saw sky scrapers and was stuck in the buildings. I went and saw Burj Khalifa in Dubai and in my dream I was the first eight year old who climbed up the tallest tower in the world. My dreams went on and on with one adventure after another.

The next day, my mother woke me up but I was not done with my dreams. So when I went to school, after a while, I fell asleep in class reading a book and I dreamt and dreamt and dreamt until…. trrrrr, the bell rang and it was home time. So I ran to the bus. I read the same book in the bus named, “The Story of Us”, which was all about our history.

When I reached home, my mother told me to study. I got my pencil out and fell asleep on the desk doing homework. I dreamt about visiting more places. But in my dream, I saw that my magic mat was stolen by my brother. When I went and asked my brother, he told me that he needs it for a carpet making competition

“You better return it. It is a magic mat,” I told him.

“I also want to visit places,” he said.

So we went to many more places like USA and United Kingdom. We also visited France and saw Eiffel Tower. In UK, I visited London and played with my friend Rhea in the beautiful parks in the city filled with trees and flowers. We ran around the park and played catch. I visited the Tower of London and many museums. In USA, my brother and I visited our cousins. The dream went on and on until the next day when my mother woke me up at 5AM.

“Why did you wake me up so early?”

“You have a story writing contest,” she said.

So I wrote down my dream adventures. After the story was submitted, they announced the winners. I could not believe my eyes! My teacher, Ms. Pearly, told that I came first. I felt very happy when I heard that! I came back home with many congratulations and gifts. I had a wonderful day! But my dreams never ended…..

Imagination never ends…. So keep on dreaming and imagining with your friends!

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