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Hunting at Midnight Story

“Hunting at Midnight” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Sophia Nestor, The Netherlands.

Hunting at Midnight

“Rex wait up!” I shouted "don't leave me!”

It was pitch black, but I felt her getting closer. I woke up to my ancient alarm clock ringing, I knew I was awake but I pinched myself just to be sure. Tina was going to be mad at me if I was late so I got dressed and went down stairs. Mom wasn’t awake yet, so I left her a note and ran. I had to go through this really rough estate to get to New York dance. My phone was ringing, it was Rex; but I didn't answer, last night’s dream was still in my head. I finally got to the bus stop and jumped on the usual one I take to New York dance

"Where have you been?” snarled Tina as I crossed the corner.

"Nice to see you too" I said taking a breath, "Where's Rex?"

"Looking for Vicks. She was crying, and ran away. Rex is looking for her."

Rex and I were friends from the day I came to New York dance. He keeps on trying to get all the girls attention by his hip hop moves. It’s so sickening to watch.

"I'm going out, need anything?" Tina had just turned from snarling Tina to nice Tina just like that. When I said I needed nothing she stormed out. Her actions were very unclear but I forgot about it after I got to the ballet bars soon after Rex joined me, but Tina didn't. She wasn't there all day.

After dance I skipped over to Tina s house. When I went to knock on the door it opened by itself.

"Hello", I walked in and then I was knocked out! When I woke up my head was throbbing and there was screaming behind me. It was Tina’s voice. I listened to the screams and something hit the floor. I heard two men laughing. Suddenly a rock hit the window, glass shattered everywhere. One hit my arm; the pain was so strong I almost got knocked out again. I picked it up with my hand and cut the rope that was used to bind me. I ran as fast as I could and tried to save myself.

I stood in the middle of the road and bend down; I had to catch my breath. Suddenly I felt something wet on my face, it was blood dripping, and the red mixture ran down my face. I looked up and came face to face with Tina, her long hair stroking my face, her eye as dark as death. I ran, when I got home, mom was asleep. My heart was pounding; I switched on the TV and screamed, she was in the TV screen too. She crawled out of the screen and walked across the room to me. The last thing I saw was the clock flashing 11:59 pm.

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