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Good Birds Find Cousins Story

“Good Birds Find Cousins” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Yatee Sharma, USA.

Good Birds Find Cousins

There was an old tree by the lane where 6 birds lived. Two little bird families with 3 birds in each family. One of them was a good family and the other wasn't. They were cousins but both the bird families were not aware of this.

Once, the naughty bird family blew the other family's nest away and they had to move to another tree. When they were packing up the baby from the other family stole an item from the good family. They were not happy when they realized that their things were being stolen.

After the birds started living in separate trees a bird came to ask if anyone wants to learn how to be a superhero. The good family said, “We want to sign up”. They took lessons every day and when they were fully trained, the coach said, “You birds are fully trained; you can go help anyone or fight anyone”.

So the birds flew away to fight with bad birds but soon they realized that the tree was taken over by many birds who were on the other family’s side. The bad birds said “Well, well, well… who do we have here. Oh, hi good birds! You birds look so funny in that super-costume. Hahaha!”

The good family was a little scared to fight with so many birds. They did not reply and flew back home. That day when mommy bird was cleaning the house she found a picture that had the bad bird family and them together with their parents in it. It was an old picture. Mommy bird was surprised; she showed the picture to papa bird and baby bird.

They all wondered if the bad birds were their cousins. Papa and mommy bird said, “They are probably our cousins”. So they went back to the bird family and Papa bird asked, “Are you our cousins?” He showed them the picture.

The bad birds said, “How do you have these pictures!, Yes I think we are cousins!!” The birds were very happy when they realized this and they wanted to stay together once again. From that day on the 6 birds lived happily and in peace in the new tree and were forever the happiest little birds.

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