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Danger Lurks Story

“Chasing Shapes” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Hadif Zuwairi, The Netherlands.

Danger Lurks

As I walked home, I was struck with one of my memorable flashbacks of my parents, whom I had lost. I stopped in the torrential rain and tears started to drip from my soaked face. Somewhere at the back of my aching mind, said that they were dead. As I strolled to the doorstep, I saw a letter that said: ‘To Roberto’, I walked into the house and read the letter. It said,

‘You have 4 hours to find you parents’

At that moment I realised that my step parents were not in the ornately fashioned house, but I did not care about them like I cared about my real parents. As I continued reading the letter it said:

‘Your parents are in a cottage in a forest. You have 4 hours, and if you don't find them they will die!’

As it said that they were in a forest, there was only one forest in the whole town: Twin wood Forest.

A slight movement behind the doors caught my eyes, but it was just my pet dog, Zeus. I was worried that somebody was watching me. I went to the forest with Zeus. I noticed a dark cloaked figure; I followed him as his movements looked very suspicious. As I followed him, a long branch snapped in half! The dark cloaked figure turned around. I looked for a cover, and stood behind a tree swiftly and efficiently, hoping he wouldn't see me! As he got closer Zeus started to run at him and barked aloud, which gave me some time to find the cottage which the letter was talking about.

As I walked towards the mossy door, I got grabbed and I shouted:

“Get off of me, who are you?” as he tried to control me I tried to escape but he didn't budge. Then in a flash, I was out cold with a fist to the eye. As I got up, I saw a bright light up on the rustic roof. When I looked around I discovered that I was in a storage room. I looked around me; I saw shelfs of chemicals, weapons and other illegal items. I see a dead body, with a gun shot in theirhead. I back up, then I hear what I thought was the door unlocking so I hid behind the door but I soon figured out that it was another door.

While looking around for food I saw a paper clip and I tried to unlock the door, and then I heard a click, so I turned the handle and the door opened unexpectedly. I went to find my parents. When I looked around I saw about 10 more doors, but I couldn't open any of them.

As I walked down the hallway I saw two figures on a chair, tied up; so I went towards them and untied them. I was I untying them when I had a thought that they were unconscious so I checked if they were breathing. All of a sudden they woke up and it looked as if they were my parents but I wasn't sure so I said:

“Mum, dad is that you? It's me Roberto.” In a calm voice.

In an instant she replied: “Is that really you Roberto?”

“Yes it is me, mom!” I said, I felt the urge just to hug them until they popped.

So when they got up I hugged them and it felt like heaven, we found our way out, Zeus was waiting right at the door. So I carried Zeus and we went home so that we would be at peace again.

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