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Being Obedient Story

“Being Obedient” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by R.Lepakshi, India.

Being Obedient

Wee Wings and Bonny Beak were two baby bird sisters. Their mother Biggy bird was teaching them to fly. She gave them a few lessons. Then she told them, “You can practice on your own. But use only the lower branches of this tree”. Biggy bird also told the baby bird sisters, “At this level, the tree is filled with leaves and branches. Even if you fall, they will hold you. Then I can help you up again. Don’t go higher than this. If you go too high and fall, then the fall will be bad. You may even die. So, enjoy yourself. But don’t forget what I told you.”

Then she flew away to search for food for the little ones. Wee Wings and Bonny Beak had a flying race. They flew around a bit, racing each other. Wee Wings won each time. After a while Bonny Beak grew angry. She said “You are good only at this level. But I can fly higher than you.” Wee Wings said quickly, “No! Don’t do that! Mum has told us not to go high.” Bonny Beak replied, “You are saying that because you want to keep winning. See how high I can go!” Wee Wings screeched, “No!” But Bonny Beak flew up. The wind grew stronger but she went even higher. Suddenly her little tail got stuck in a branch. It stopped her flight. So she banged her head on a branch. She hung there, dizzy, and began to screech and wail.

Grandpa Giraffe was grazing nearby with his children and grandchildren. The whole giraffe family looked around when they heard the sound of her cries. Wee Wings was very worried for her sister. She peeped down and chirped, “Grandpa Giraffe, you neck is so long. Please save Bonny Beak. She is stuck up there!” Grandpa Giraffe stretched his long neck. He pushed away the leaves until Bonny Beak became free. Even then, she could not come down on her own as she was too high. Grandpa Giraffe said, “I will help you down. But first promise me that you will always obey your mother from now. If I hadn’t come today, the panther would have got you! When you obey, it is for your good.” Grandpa Giraffe made Bonny Beak sit on top of his head. He brought her down gently. The two sisters hugged each other. They thanked Grandpa Giraffe by pecking his face, gently and happily. It was a lesson to the baby birds. It was a lesson to the baby Giraffes in Grandpa Giraffe’s family too that we obey only for our own good.

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