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Story - A Reality Nightmare

“A Reality Nightmare” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Aliya Mohammad Hilmi, The Netherlands.

A Reality Nightmare

Why me? All my life, I had nothing but books to read. I've always wanted to be a character in those 'happy' stories. Life is useless to me. No parents. No family. No happiness. Just Mary. Unfortunately, our orphanage is right in the middle of the city. Realising the busy roads of Los Angeles, I find it hard to sleep with my confusingly creepy nightmares looming over me. Regardless to what I said, I have the most caring guardian in the world! For Christmas, Mary got me the whole series of Harry Potter. Since reading is what I have been doing for the past few years, at least I have something to do than dreaming a life I will never have.

It was coming to an end of winter, as the flowers were blooming with excitement for the colours of spring. Unlike the flowers I will just be as 'NORMAL' for the new school term. My best birthday present would be a one way ticket to a utopian world. But of course you need superpowers or magic for that (DUH)! On the way to school I saw the thin layer of snow melting on the dirty grounds. In class, I needed to get a pencil when... SWOOSH! What just happened?! Thinking millions of times. However, the feeling of confusion still hasn't come. I was triggered when everyone looked. The room, which was full of tension, was in complete silence. My brain suddenly switched and I found myself running for my life. And this is why, I had no parents...

I walked back home with the most confused brain in the entire universe. Questions swirled in my mind like butterflies in a town garden. Maybe life isn't that bad, I have books to read and I do have powers to play with. Wait! I need a super name. Hmm... GOT IT! Robin, Robin Smith Hathaway. The best name ever! Waking up on a Saturday morning, the sun blazed and shined through my half torn window curtains. It was the first day in months that I was happy! A new chance to change. As the sun welcomed the children out to play, I hurried in my clothes and rushed downstairs for breakfast. I used my powers to teleport to France for a freshly baked baguette from a Parisian cafe. Back at home I had French toast with the bread I previously bought from the city of L❤️VE. For lunch, one way ticket to Italy for a delicious 'tortellini pomodori '. Mary was at work the whole day, so I couldn't invite her to eat with me.

Last day of school and the first thing that happened when school ended was, teleporting back home to talk to Mary about the summer holidays. The first thing that came out of my mouth was: " Mary please can we use my powers and travel around the world for summer?!" Her mouth fell! I forgot I hadn't told her yet that I have superpowers. The sky was blank and it was complete silence in the room. She repeated again:" WHAT?" and that was all she said for the rest of the night. I had to think of a way to prove that I had powers. Mary finally agreed “fine we can go." I felt a strike of lightning spring thorough my body and I shouted with happiness, “yes-yay!!".

1st July 1983. Lunchtime and all I had was: French fries, cheeseburger, buffalo wings and a gallon of ice tea. DELICIOUS! Mary was packing all her medicine because she is actually diagnosed with cancer. I zoomed past Italy to stop by Spain for a nice drink. Mary got a new tube of medicine along with a few Band-Aids just in case. We stopped at France for a night over. In the morning the sun was shining like a ball of fire. It was a burning hot grill ready to explode. We had a Baguette for lunch, and a bowl of tomato soup. Not long after, shifting across the countries, Australia was near. Arriving in the countryside of Adelaide, a kangaroo jumped across us. Spending the whole day there with koalas, crocs, wombats and wallabies. Mary and I were able to feed, wash and play with them. They all looked as cute as a girl’s favourite plush toy.

Besides that, we also travelled to Malaysia, Italy, Singapore, China, Japan and many others. It was all great fun until... home time! On the way back, Mary was feeling drowsy and out of breath. I gave her the pump but she pushed it away. We were crossing the busy roads of New York City, when.NO!!!... It all ended. Blood splattered vigorously. Mary was lying on the road with a pale face and a soft smile she always had. No more books. No more Mary. No more happiness. Life has ended...

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