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A Minecraft Story

“A Minecraft Story” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Charlie Bates, The Netherlands.

A Minecraft Story

Blockboy sat back in his chair with rage more furious than a fireball. Blockboy loved to play Minecraft mini Games: especially survival games, so he pressed the respawn button and went to the maps, then a new map called: deep forest hills. Blockboy wanted to play the new map so he joined the lobby to look around the map and all he saw was a vast forest and huge hills and a small valley which was nearly impossible for him to see. Blockboy then sat back in his chair, finished his bottle of water and tossed it into the recycling bin. However: the bottle hit the bin and tipped over, hitting his dad’s 3D digitiser and as a result turned it on and blasted him.

When Blockboy woke up, he was bedazzled; he felt his face it felt block like? And he thought it couldn't be? Was he really in Minecraft? He then sat up. While he scanned the waiting room a figure appeared: “The game is starting in ten minutes. Want to be in a team?”

“Sure,” replied Blockboy getting up, just as they teleported to the centre of the map. Just as Blockboy saw his opponents the game began.

As the game began, Blockboy began to run swiftly into the vast forest, for he knew he needed to get to the valley and find resources or he would not survive. Later that day Blockboy heard to voices and peeked out the corner of the cave and saw two people: kingcrown and crownking.

Blockboy wasn't sure what would happen if he was killed, would he respawn? Would he really die? Kingcrown knocked him to his senses by trigging a TNT and the pair ran out as the cave exploded. Blockboy awoke fuzzily only to see that the cave was a gaping hole in the once peaceful valley, but he was cut short by an arrow, Blockboy didn't stop to think, he ran back to the entrance of the valley. Once Blockboy got far away from the valley, he collapsed behind a tree.

Suddenly a figure appeared brfore him.

“I am Apeboy, Blockboy we can both win this,”

“Ok,” replied Blockboy and came out from his hiding place.

“I'll make you a diamond sword and an iron armour,” smiled Apeboy.

Apeboy then got to work on crafting while Blockboy was on lookout for other players.

When the pair got near the centre of the map Apeboy moaned: “The death match is in twenty minutes,” They decided to skip the death match for the day and get some ampole rest.

Blockboy woke early ,for he couldn't sleep, so he woke Apeboy and the two made their way to the centre, but when they got there they saw hundreds of players fighting and dying ,but just as the pair were spotted the death match began and the only other players were: Derpyderp and Deathking. Neither team moved until Derpyderp and Deathking flew to the spectator stands and placed lava exploders, soon showers of lava coated the coliseum floor and Apeboy finally spoke: “The only way to defeat this guy is a well shot arrow” Blockboy passed Apeboy the arrow. Carefully placing it in the bow and pulling it back as far as he could Apeboy let it go.

The arrow found its mark. The game was over and they had won. They screamed and hugged each other with joy. Now all they had to do was, figure out how to get out of that place!

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