Sites for Teachers

Useful Websites for Teachers

Resources to Learn/Teach English
For ESL/EFL/English learners/teachers: Courses, documents, games, exercises, tests, interactive pages, plays, fonts, cliparts, photos, jokes, cartoons, chat rooms, forums, etc.

Educational Worksheets For Children
Worksheets for Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Math, Science and much more.

Creative Kids at Home
Surprises, crafts, and mail, here's a gift your child will love. Newsletter for free kids activities.

Free Printables for Teachers
FREE Worksheets, quizzes, games and online practice on math, grammar, phonics, handwriting, word search, language arts, social studies and geography for preschool to middle school.

ABC Teach
6000+FREE printables,Language Arts, Math, Languages, Portfolios,Theme units, Seasonal Units, Basics, Shapebooks, and Teaching Extras! CLIP ART. Join the popular membership section with ABCTOOLS to generate Handwriting, Math, Word Walls, Worksheets & Puzzles, 20,000+ pages. SPECIAL Group Prices!

Over 4,000 FREE Math Printables
Rocket Math, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction, Exponents, Geometry, Shapes, Time, Word Problems, Pre-Algebra, Number Patterns, Ordering, Standard/Expanded Forms, Fractions and MORE!
It can be useful for teachers in a few ways. Teachers can use it to rephrase complex text into simpler language for their students. Teachers can also use the tool to create different versions of the same text, which can be useful for creating quizzes or assignments. For instance, a teacher could use the tool to create a multiple-choice quiz by paraphrasing the passage and then creating answer choices that include some incorrect paraphrases.

Resources to learn English
Sections to help children learn English (ESL/EFL), with exclusive games, activities, study guides and interactives pages...

Pre-K Smarties
Parent's resource for teaching toddlers and preschoolers at home with tips for early reading, articles for parents, children's software reviews, and a great selection of online learning games for young children.

Free Math Worksheets
Over 6000 free printable math worksheets including multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, fractions, integers, decimals, powers of ten, and graph paper.

Free Worksheets
FREE top quality worksheets created on-the-spot, the way you want them. Math, English, Geography, Puzzles and other great stuff! Sudoku, Kakuro, mazes, basic math, geometry, grammar, polyhedra, graphic organizers, handwriting practice and much much more. Adobe Acrobat is required. 

Making Math More Fun
Help your child with math by playing games. Make Math Fun and Easy with these teacher designed printable math games. Print Board Games, Card Games and Game Sheets. Loads of math game ideas too. Ideal for home or homeschool use.

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