Short Stories » Daisy and Adeline

Daisy and Adeline

THERE was a little girl twelve years old, and she had a delicate lamb given her, of which she became very fond. When permitted to follow her into the house, as sometimes happened, Daisy would stand beside the table where her little mistress was washing dishes, then follow her, step by step, from the table to the cupboard and back, up and down the room, in and out of the house. Daisy never left her side for a moment. One day, for fun, someone said, "See if Daisy would follow you under the bed, Adeline." In the same spirit of amusement, the little girl ran into the bedroom and crept under the bedstead. Daisy scampered after her beloved mistress, but could only get her head and neck under, remaining so, on her knees, until Adeline came out and returned to the other end of the house.

When spring came, the little girl would sometimes climb up on the warm side of the hay-stack and sit there with her knitting or book awhile, and many a one passing by has looked and wondered to see a little girl and white lamb up there. In all Adeline's walks Daisy accompanied her, and many a happy race have they had together. Daisy was so sensible, and when her mistress led her into her warm pen at night and said " good-night" to her, the good little creature always settled down contentedly. The boys could not manage Daisy, she acknowledged but one authority, but to it was truly loyal.

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