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The Magician

THIS is a fairy story, but it is a true one, as you will know when I have done. Magicians are not believed in nowadays, but .they still exist, and I will tell you about one whom you can all employ after reading my story.

A favored being of earth, endowed with the spirit and power of which I speak, once exclaimed, "I wish ! " And he wished to see a city built, to see forests and fields, streams, tiny lakes, and many other wonderful things, in a desolate country. This power was put into force in a thousand directions, and soon dwellings arose, scenes once barren waste became end-less beauty, human creatures and dumb animals rejoiced, and the abundance of all good things brought harmony in every home, and there was no envy, for this power blessed all alike. I saw this power in its might and beauty, and it was not from beneath, it was from above ; it was a principle that even exalted beings recognize, honor, and employ. Idleness, want, and misery had vanished, and the thoughts of human creatures had time to soar to loftier themes that still had in them the higher demands of this motive power. Shall I tell you the secret, that you also may exercise this magical gift ? The lowliest hearts and hands may wield it and help to adorn the earth, help to ennoble and bless each fellow-creature. The name of this magical power is Prayerful Labor.

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