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Jenny I think that the bringing forth of the Book of Mormon ; the history of its concealment and of the youth whom God raised up from obscurity to perform the great latter-day work ; the miracle of its translation; the prophetic vision of its result, and the thrilling record of the Prophet Joseph and his brother, are all as interesting as the book itself, and are as a part of it. The testimonies of the three witnesses and also of the eight witnesses are of inestimable value. Many of our parents knew these persons to be good and true men, whose word could not be doubted, and their first testimony to all the world remained unrevoked to their latest day, notwithstanding all the opposition that has been arrayed against the work.

Hattie Your observations are a fitting preface to the subject. I have often considered the fact that we have no living witnesses to the Bible's authenticity, as in the case of the Book of Mormon, although we honor and reverence the Bible as the undoubted word of God, and the light of all the world.

Laura I think that the departure of Lehi and his family from Jerusalem, then his obtaining possession of the record of the Jews ; their travels, the vision of Lehi, and the wonderful manner in which the Lord conveyed him and his family across the water, to mention no more, all are more deeply interesting and wonderful than any production of any worldly pen that I have any knowledge of.

Annie I think that the history of the two thousand young men who went with Helaman, is a lessofl which should inspire all who read it with firmer faith and trust in God and his servants, for what God has done once he can do again, if we have similar faith, courage and integrity. How I hope that our brothers may prove as noble if the same test comes to them !

Ellen I love to read of that great general, Hela-man, how he resisted the enemy while his own army was small and suffering for food, and faint with long service and exhaustion ; and how he nobly waited in patience and hope for help, even while he was grieved and feared his people would be overcome ; and then when he had won possession of the city of Manti and could receive no word from the parent government, think how grandly still he " held the fort " in faith and loyalty. He was indeed a grand general !

Julia And his brother Moroni. What a noble letter he wrote to Pahoran, the governor, and how joyfully he went to Pahoran's relief, and what a grand work they accomplished, re-establishing peace and righteousness in all the land!

Alice Is it not wonderful that the greatest war recorded in history is written in the Book of Mormon, and took place on our continent ?

Ruth I think the most beautiful part of the book is where Jesus showed himself to the people of Nephi in the land of Bountiful, and how they prevailed upon Him to return to them when He would have passed from their sight. Let us live so that when He comes again we, too, may behold His face and receive the same joy.

And now that we have all had something to say on the subject, and it will soon be time for us to part for this day, I would like to ask if we have not been interested and benefited by our interchange of thought upon the Book of Mormon?

All - Yes.

Alice Girls, let us make it a rule in our visits to converse upon such themes, striving to gain treasures of wisdom and eternal happiness.

Hattie As a class and as dear friends, let us keep this in mind, and sometimes let our gathering be around our dear Sunday-school teacher, who has done so much to lead our thoughts in the right way.

All That's a clear vote !

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