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[Written by request of Sister Rebecca W. Brown, of South Bountiful, for her Sunday-school class.]

Hattie-Well, girls, as we shall have a pleasant afternoon all together, how shall we best spend it? I think we had best consult each other and then decide upon doing some one thing and giving it our whole attention. What do you say?

(All reply, Yes.")

Hattie Jennie, you are the eldest, what is your idea?

Jenny Shall we form an industrial committee, take out our thimbles and do up all your sewing carpet-rags, patchwork or anything else?

Hattie Oh, no indeed! thank you. Suppose we take up some subject of mental and spiritual improvement. Now for your idea, Laura ?

Laura Well, a great deal has been said about women voting. Shall we discuss that?

Hattie That is suggestion number two. We'll hear from all and then decide by vote. You next, Annie.

Annie Another prominent and kindred subject is woman's holding public positions of trust and emolument.

Hattie Suggestion number three. I think perhaps Alice had better act as secretary, and take account of the propositions. What do you say, Ellen?

Ellen Shall we relate instances we have read or known of women's deeds of heroism, goodness or missionary labors ?

Hattie A vast subject, indeed ! Alice, it is your turn.

Alice The choice of our literature is, I think, a very important topic ; also the present crusade against our religion.

Hattie Very true, indeed. Ruth, you are the last; what do you suggest ?

Ruth We have heard subjects sufficient presented to engage our minds and hearts upon many future occasions of our girlish gatherings or visits, all of which are worthy and profitable to us as daughters of Zion. I do not wish to press my own idea as better than either, but I had been thinking that I would like to hear some remarks from each of you upon that book so important to us the Book of Mormon.

Hattie It seems as though we might well meet often hereafter and devote our serious thoughts to each of these themes; it is easy to discern that much good might result. We will begin by selecting the one for to-day. Jenny can present either one for our vote.

Jenny The Book of Mormon.

(All hands raised.)

Hattie A clear vote. Now, I would like to hear "which part of the book each one thinks the most interesting, and this will give us an opportunity to leain from each other. Do you agree?

All - Oh, yes!

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