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Silly Kids Riddles and Answers

Another set of funny riddles in english with answers for your kids. They are simple, easy to understand and bring great joy to kids. These riddles will also assist in developing the kids reasoning and their creativity. These riddles can be great fun on a family car trip. Try these riddles and enjoy.

Silly Riddles

Q: Why did the man decide to bury his flashlight?
A: Because, the batteries were dead.

Q: Which building has the most storeys?
A: A library.

Q: Think and find a way to make the number one vanish.
A: Add the letter G to one and it’s “GONE”

Q: What is that comes once a year, but twice in a week, but never in a day?
A: The alphabet “E”

Q: A bird, squirrel, and a monkey are running to the top of a coconut tree to get a banana - Who will be the first to get to the banana?
A: None – you cannot get a banana from a coconut tree.

Q: What is it that goes up when rain comes down?
A: Umbrella.

Q: Think and tell the number of letters in “the English alphabet”.
A: There are 18 letters – three in the word ”the”, seven in the word “English” and eight in the word ”alphabet”.

Q: Guess what is tall when young and short when old.
A: Candle

Q: Mary’s father has five daughters. The first four daughters are named Mana, Mene, Mini, and Mona. What is the name of the fifth daughter?
A: Mary (refer the first word of the question - Mary’s father!)

Q: Which item dies, when it drinks and survives when it eats?
A: Fire

Q: Which word is the longest in the English dictionary?
A: Smiles – (There is a mile separating the “S” in the beginning and the “S” in the end)

Q: Which month has 30 days?
A: All of them, except February,

Q: What is that you can catch but cannot throw?
A: Common cold.

Q: What is that comes down but never goes up?
A: Rain

Q: Which letter of the English alphabet contains the most water?
A: The letter “C”

Q: A five letter word becomes even shorter when you add two letters - What is the word?
A: Short

Q: A man was driving a truck at 60 mph. He did not have his headlights on and the moon was not up. Yet he did not hit the woman who crossed the road. How?
A: He was driving the truck during daytime.

Q: What is it that has hands, yet is unable to clap?
A: A clock.

Q: What is it that you throw away the outer side, then cook the insides and then throw away the insides – What is the name of the item?
A: Corn on the cob. You throw away the husk, cook and eat the corn kernels and throw away the cob.

Q: What do you find at the end of a rainbow?
A: The letter W!

Q: Which word begins with the letter “P” ends with the letter “E” and contains thousands of letters?
A: Post Office.

Q: What is that has four eyes but is unable to see?
A: Mississippi

Q: What needs to be broken before you can use it?
A: Egg

Q: Why can’t you bury a man from New York in Chicago?
A: Because the man is still living.

Q: In a one storey brown house, there was a brown person with a brown computer, brown telephone, and brown chair. He also had a brown cat and a brown fish – Just about everything was brown – What colour was the stairs?
A: As it was a one-storey house – there were no stairs.

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