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Some riddles are easier, some are harder to find. Some riddles need logical thinking. Are you ready to solve these logical riddles?

Two Cups

You have two cups. One cup is filled with black coffee and another cup is filled with black tea. Both cups are filled with equal quantity of respective beverages. Take one spoonful of black tea and mix with the cup of black coffee. Then take one spoonful of black coffee and mix it with the cup of black tea.

Now tell, me which cup has more liquid in it? Does the cup of black tea has more liquid or black coffee has more liquid?


Both cups have equal quantity of respective drink. You take one spoonful from tea and mix it with coffee and vice versa.

Three Daughters

Sam has got three daughters. The eldest daughter is the most honest girl in the universe and she always speaks truth. The middle daughter is a modest woman. She speaks truth and lies according to the situations. The youngest one never speaks truth. Not a single word she spoke was true and would never be true.

Sam brought a marriage proposal for one of his girls. It was John. John wanted to marry either the eldest or the youngest daughter of Sam as he can easily identify whether the girl speaks truth or lie!

John told his desire to Sam. However, Sam laid a condition. He told John that he will not say who the eldest, middle or youngest one is. Also, he allowed john to ask only one question to identify the eldest or youngest so he can marry one.

John asked one question and found the right girl. What was the question and whom should he pick?


The question he asked is, ‘Is she older than her!’

He asks this question to one of the daughters.

If he asked this question to older daughter pointing at other two, he probably would know the youngest one! NO matter, she always speaks truth.

If he asked the question to middle one, probably he can choose either.

If he asked the youngest one, she always lies and he can find eldest one! No matter, he has to choose the youngest one based on the answer.

A Barber

It was a small town. There was only one barber shop in the town with one barber. He shaves to everyone who doesn’t shave themselves.

Who will shave the barber?

Think well and answer!


It is a paradox! There is no appropriate answer for this riddle! Being a barber he shaves to himself the second option turns false. Yes, he shaves only to those who don’t shave themselves.

If he doesn’t shave himself, as per second clause, he should shave!

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