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Science Experiments – Learn how to do Plastic Milk

Science experiments are fun. Here is a simple science experiment for kids! Try it now and give us your feedback. Watch this space for more science experiments for kids.

Kids love panneer aka cottage cheese. In terms of science, it is called Plastic milk! Would you love to learn how to do plastic aka, panneer?


Things you need:

  • Milk – One Cup
  • White Vinegar – 4 Teaspoons
  • Two Bowls
  • One Strainer
  • A cloth

It is always safe to do this experiment, rather all science experiments in the presence of an adult! Also, seek assistance from an adult to stay safe.

Do not try to do it alone. Give instructions to parent or any elderly person to be present.

Milk Heating

Heat up the milk, make sure that the milk is hot, but don’t let it boil.

Once the milk is heated, pour the milk carefully and gently into the bowl.


Add the vinegar to the hot milk and stir the milk for around one minute.


Now, pour the milk and vinegar solution to another bowl using the strainer.


The strainer retains the lumpy part of milk. It will be very soft and crumble!

Press the crumbles tightly, put the crumbled milk on a cloth and tie it down tightly.

Rinse the cloth in running water and press the crumbles together.


Refrigerate the cloth and the crumbles stick together and form nice and beautiful Plastic Milk, ready to cook Cottage Cheese! How does it happen?

The cheese in the Plastic Milk is made due to a substance referred as CASEIN, which literally means nothing but Cheese! The milk protein meets with the acidic properties in the vinegar. Since the milk protein and acid are rivals, they don’t mix. And it forms crumbles.

You can repeat the same using soya milk instead of whole milk and lemon juice instead of vinegar! Of course, there will be differences.

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