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Life Cycle of a Plant

Life cycle of a plant

A life cycle shows the changes that happen to a living thing as it grows. All living things go through a life cycle, as they grow, change and die.

A plant is a living thing. It begins its life as a seed. With enough water and sunlight, the seed germinates. The following diagram shows how a seed germinates and grows into a seedling.

The root grows down into the soil through the seed coat. The stem and the leaves push out of the ground. As they emerge from the ground, the stem and the leaves grow towards sunlight.

Leaves make the plants’ food and the plant grows. Gradually, flowers form on the plant. In some plants, there will be seeds inside the flowers. In other plants, a fruit will form out of the flower, and inside the fruit, there will be seeds.

These seeds fall to the ground, or are scattered by wind or water. Sometimes, animals eat the fruit, and the seeds will pass out through their digestive system.

A new plant will start its life from the seed.

This is the life cycle of a plant.

Below given is the life cycle of a tomato plant.

You can see the life cycle of a bean plant below.

As you would have noticed, both the tomato plant and the bean plant forms flowers, and then tomatoes and beans respectively. The seeds of the plant are found inside the tomato and the beans. In some plants, like the sunflower plant given below, the seeds are in the flower itself. You can see the life cycle of a sunflower plant below.

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