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Teaching science to a KG grade child, you will agree, is not an easy task. But you can rest assured that with these lessons you have a winner. They have been laid out in a very interesting way. It will most definitely instill curiosity and deep interest for the subject in your little one. Examples have been chosen from day-to-day life that the children are familiar with already. The simpler concepts of science are dealt with in an endearing fashion that will give your child a clear understanding.

Playing with plants and animals is one such lesson that says about plants and animals in a fun way.  By giving the opportunity of putting the parts of a plant together the child learns the various parts of a plant in a simple yet interesting way. The child actually gets the opportunity to join the parts together by dragging and dropping the various parts of the plant together. Similarly the parts of the animals are introduced to the child by way of a jigsaw puzzle in which the various parts of Zipper, the horse are to be put together. Since this is meant for the KG grade more pictures, rather than words are used for the lessons.

In another lesson, Primary colours are introduced to the child and practice lessons make the child identify them by choosing and dragging the right object with primary colours into the bucket marked for them. For a clear understanding a pi chart with the primary colours and the secondary colours is given on the top left corner of the screen for parents to use as a guide. You never know, this may be the initiation of your child into the beautiful world of art.

The ways animals move is another interesting lesson in which animals are classified as those that can fly, jump, run etc. Ample exercises help identify the movement of animals correctly.

In the lesson ‘All about Plants’, the child is taught about plants starting with what he/ she already knows about them. That way the lesson is presented gently to the child. What plants need to grow what plant parts we eat and how to grow a plant, are all dealt with in this section in a simple yet attractive way. You child may just as well grow with a green thumb!

To teach the child about the various body parts the child is taken to Chile and shown the Moai statues. The child is taught to identify the eyes, nose, ears etc and also say what is used for what.  So, why wait?  Just take the plunge. The swim in the sea of science is going to be very adventurous and rewarding too.

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