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Science when taught in a colourful way stays in the young mind for ever. There is no subject that can excite the curiosity in a child like this one. It is exceedingly important to ensure that the right kind of knowledge is imparted to the child and this should also be correctly graded.

The lessons chosen for grade 1 have been done so, keeping the above points in mind. They are simple and to the point. They make learning science all the more interesting.

The lessons aim at introducing different places and give a little information about that place, as a value addition to the child, which the fertile mind of the child will absorb like a sponge. We start the lessons with Scotland- Living and non-living things.  In this lesson the characteristics of living and non-living things are explained in an interesting way and then the child is encouraged to identify them through various engaging exercises.

The lesson on the Life Cycle of Plants is introduced by Olaf, the Viking. He explains the different stages of growth of a plant. Then the child’s knowledge is tested through various exercises like add the missing stage, are the stages in order etc.

Sounds are introduced by Paul in Antarctica. The child is taught to identify different sounds. You just have to click on the radio beside Paul to let your child hear the sound. Then the child can click on the picture that matches the sound. Communication sounds, pleasant sounds are also dealt with. This lesson teaches the different danger sounds too, like that of the fire engine, ambulance and a child crying in distress which can prepare the child for adversities.

In the setting of the Bermuda Triangle, the similarities and differences between humans and animals is presented to the child. What actions are similar and what are different, the difference in the food and eating habits, the body parts, traits etc are also taught in a very interesting way. Humour is inherent in the exercises in which statements like ‘Frogs eat pizza from a large plate’ and ‘Birds can cook food’ are used for the child to state whether it is True of False.
Health and Hygiene are taught through the lesson ‘Playing and Staying Fit’ which is set in Jamaica. Through the exercises ‘getting ready for surfing’, ‘eating a healthy breakfast’, ‘clean up after surfing’ and ‘how do I keep myself fit and healthy’ the child learns the importance of eating healthy and exercising to be fit.

In Rio de Janeiro, the place chosen for this lesson, the child learns about baby animals. This lesson teaches the child which animals lay eggs and which ones give birth to babies. The child’s mind Is challenged with exercises on choosing the right baby, the eating habits and animal houses.

Your child will surely enjoy learning science through these lessons. He or she will love to learn the concepts too. So, get set go!

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