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Different Branches of Science

Many of us are science lovers, although we hate to learn science as a subject. As said earlier, science is an ocean, while a few are revealed through experiment and research; there are many undiscovered elements in the world. We are not digging for any mysteries of undiscovered science, but to learn about various branches of science.

Broad classification of science:

  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Earth Science

Physical Science

Classified into three:

  • Physics - A natural science that involves the study of matter, motion, energy, force, objects, etc. related to universe and its function
  • Chemistry – The study and analysis of various elements, composition, structure, chemical process, etc.
  • Astronomy – The study of objects in and beyond the atmosphere of the earth

Life Science

Biology – Natural science and in-depth study of living organisms, from evolution to destruction.

  • Botany – A known branch of science, studying about plant kingdom
  • Zoology – The twin branch of botany, study of animal kingdom
  • Human Biology– The study about human beings, nutrition, diseases, medicine, etc.
  • Genetic Science – The study about genes, genetic facts, diseases of genes, etc.
  • Medicine – The study, diagnosis, research, etc. of various diseases and treatments

Earth Science

Classified into five:

  • Ecology - The study of environment, relation of living organisms in the environment and ecosystem
  • Oceanology – Called Marine Science, it broadly covers all topics related to the Ocean
  • Meteorology – The study about climate, rainfall, wind, speed, density, etc. related to the Atmosphere
  • Geology – The study about various aspects of earth, an interesting branch that deals with digging the past
  • Palaeontology – Similar to Geology, which deals with studying various objects that existed in the prehistoric period

Sub branches, a blend of physics, chemistry, and biology.

  • Bio-Chemistry – Organic Chemistry, study about various processes happening in living organisms
  • Bio-Physics – A pure blend of Physics and Biology, where the concepts and theories of Physics are applied in biological elements
  • Biotechnology – A new branch of science emerged as a baby of Biology and Technology, which deals with exploring microorganisms for production of drugs, artificial hormones, etc.

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