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Challenging Grade 1 Science Worksheets

Science and technology is progressing, and your toddler may be ready to take on more and more challenging stuff than are available in the traditional school system. Here are some worksheets for your child to try.

Worksheet 1 – Plants (difficulty level – challenging)

Group the following plants on the basis of whether they are flowering or non-flowering.

(Tips for teachers: Students in Year 1 are visual and tactile learners. It will be great if you can take them to a botanic garden and help them identify each of these plants before you try this worksheet with them. Please do not insist that students write down these words. At Grade 1, it is sufficient for them to name each plant as flowering or nonflowering. It will be a good idea to encourage students to bring any of these plants to school if they have at home. Still better, you could have a school garden where you could gro