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This is a quiz that tests your proficiency in English grammar, at the intermediate level. It has twenty questions that test such components of English grammar as articles, determiners, subject-verb agreement, tenses, prepositions, passive voice, and word usage.

Language learning is like running a marathon. Before the marathon, you have to build up your stamina. Otherwise you will drop off half way. Grammar learning is like building up your stamina for a life time of learning language. Indeed, language learning is a lifetime enterprise. Without grammar, you will not be able to endure language learning for long. For people who are not native speakers of English, grammar is essential, to understand why sentences are constructed in particular ways, and why certain patterns occur repeatedly in spoken and written language.

The element of challenge in quizzes make them very popular with English learners. Quizzes are also great ways to understand the particular areas of grammar which are problematic for you. Once you understand which area you have problems in, you can look for remedial measures.

Answers are given at bottom of the quiz page. It is free and printable. Therefore, you can use it for a written test as well.

Please remember that the ‘intermediate’ level refers to the level of proficiency of the person in the English language, not to the age of the learner. A child could be at the intermediate level, whereas an adult could be at the beginner level. The term ‘intermediate’ refers to a medium level of English competence, not low or high. In fact many people who are reading this right now could be at the intermediate level of English competence.

Go ahead, and take up the challenge of this intermediate level English grammar quiz. Remember to go on to the advanced level, once you clear this level.

Quiz - 1 : Intermediate Level English Grammar Quiz Download Printable PDF File

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