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This is an English grammar quiz for advanced level learners, and others who would like to find out their level of proficiency in grammar. These twenty questions test advanced knowledge of English grammar, such as phrasal verbs, conditionals, complex constructions in tenses, punctuation and tricky spelling.

Language learning is like learning to sing a song. You have to get the notes and keys correct, if you want to sing at the right pitch and melody. If the music goes off-key, the song becomes awful to the ear. Without good grammar, English learning gets off-key. Your sentences will not mean anything, and the meaning you intend will not be conveyed. Learners of English as a foreign language face this problem when they are not sure of grammar.

There is a school of thought that advocates that fluency is more important than accuracy, when it comes to written and spoken English. Scholars who advocate this approach believe that people can speak in any way they want, without any rules whatsoever, as long as the meaning is conveyed. The problem with this approach is that if a person speaks in any way he or she wants, meaning will not be conveyed! The purpose of communication is to convey meanings, and if your sentences do not follow grammatical rules, they might convey meanings that you do not intend to convey. For example, look at the difference between the two sentences below.

“I want to eat, John.”
“I want to eat John.”

In the first sentence, the speaker expresses his desire to eat some food, to John. In the second sentence, the speaker expresses his desire to eat John! Just because a comma is omitted!

Thus, grammar is very essential to any language learning.

Here is a quiz to challenge your English grammar proficiency. There are twenty questions here for you to answer. You will be provided with feedback immediately as you answer this interactive quiz. Being free and printable, you can go back to it any time, and take a print out for future use.

Please remember that the ‘advanced’ category refers to the level of current competence of the person in the English language, not to the age of the learner. A child may be at an advanced level whereas an adult may be at the beginner level.

Go ahead, and take up this challenge. If you ace this quiz, you are indeed an English grammar wizard!

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