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This is an English grammar quiz for beginner level learners, and others who would like to find out their level of proficiency in grammar. These twenty questions test the basics of English grammar, such as singular-plural, determiners, simple tenses, pronouns and prepositions.

Language learning is like building a house. If the foundations are strong, the house will weather any storm. Grammar is the foundation of the language. It is also the frame that gives the language its shape. Clearly, learning and being aware of grammatical rules is a necessity for anyone who wants to be proficient in the language. Especially for learners of English as a foreign language, grammar is of great help to learn the language more efficiently and correctly. Once you know the grammar of English, you can understand why sentences are written the way they are, and why certain patterns can be found in spoken and written English.

Quizzes are very popular among English language learners. Firstly, there is an element of challenge in quizzes. Many learners are excited by challenges. Secondly, if and when you answer a question wrongly, you will know that that is the area you need to work on. Thus, apart from testing yourself, you will also have an awareness of your weak areas in grammar.

Answers are given at bottom of the quiz page. Being free and printable, you can go back to it any time, and take a print out for later use.

Please remember that the ‘beginner’ category refers to the level of current competence of the person in the English language, not to the age of the learner. A child may be at an advanced level whereas an adult may be at the beginner level. If you start at this beginner level, and get a good score, please go on to the intermediate and then to the advanced levels.

Go ahead, and take up the challenge of this beginner level English grammar quiz.

Quiz - 1 : English Grammar (Beginner) Download Printable PDF File

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